Dodge Boulevard Serra 3700GT (ex Pegaso worker)



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Dodge Boulevard Serra 3700 GT, American soul with Italian style,
only 18 cars made!!!!
The coupé was way ahead of its time and looked more like something out of the mid-Eighties than the Sixties. It came about as the result of Chrysler?s relationship with Barreiros, the Spanish manufacturer of engines, trucks, buses, tractors and cars. The duo agreed to market a version of the Dart for Spain ? but there was a problem; Spanish law prevented the sale of imports.

However, they found a way around that. The Dart was given a serious makeover by Pedro Serra, one of Spain?s premier coachbuilders, who gave it a tubular chassis along with a total restyling both inside and out, and the Dart was then renamed the 3700 GT. It packed the legendary Chrysler Slant Six (you could find the 3.7-litre mill in almost everything the carmaker built in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties), which gave it more than enough poke (145bhp) to match the macho aesthetics.

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