1960 Porsche 356




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This Roadster is one of 561 produced in 1960. There have been three owners of this car; one since 1977 (me).

The car VIN is 88765, which corresponds to a build date late in 1960, and the color is Ivory (code 6004). It is still in the original color. The car comes with two transmissions and three engines:

Transmissions: 11 6-741/2 41463, original to the car, manufactured November, 1960, and rebuilt with new synchros in the early 1980's and not reinstalled in the car; and 9 3-741/2c 71954, built September, 1963, and currently installed in car.
Engines: P*87960, Super 75, original to the car, manufactured in late 1960, complete and rebuildable, not in car; P*0800686, S-90, manufactured in mid-1960, complete and rebuildable, not in car; and P*732059, 1600C (75HP), manufactured in 1964 and currently installed in car.

I can provide pictures of any of these numbers if needed. The dates are from internet sources and, if I become aware of any inaccuracies, I will make corrections. I have described this as a "matching numbers" car, although I do not have the original build sheet. I am the only owner of this car for almost 40 years and I removed the transmission and engine that came with the car in 1977, which were described to me as original to the car. As all of the numbers - the VIN, the transmission and engine -- all appear to date from late 1960, I feel very confident that this assertion is accurate.

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