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  • I sell truck 1939 bedford, working perfetamente
    ID: 206323 | 21/11/2014 | MARKO CEPAK Rating: 0
  • I sell truck Renault s 180 for transport of 2 monopostos with system particular servant to lift the autos truck perfect revision 2014 for info 3388079238 emails
    ID: 205574 | 05/11/2014 | francesco Rating: 0
  • ATTENTION: let's answer only to applications with suitable I address Email and telephone number! Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG U1400 Upsets in strengthened special version 120 Kw./163 Cv. (original of manufactures = not elaborations e/o tamperings!) under excellent conditions; Year 07/2000 = UNIPROPRIETARIO = it originates from Town Administration of Germany; Body shop restored to new and mechanics totally checked near our specialized shop Unimog of Trento and therefore is sold with so much of Guarantee with…
    ID: 204101 | 06/10/2014 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • PRICE ON APPLICATION Attention we Answer Only To Complete Contacts Of Address Email E I Number Telephone Pomp fireproof professional brand Rosenbauer for rapid assemblage on frontal plate Unimog and operated through the taking of mechanical strength ant. Does it allow to employ l?Unimog, over that x the snow also as Fireproof Professional both Wooded and Civil. Furnished complete of manichette + lances and also pipes of aspiration + filters to fish l?water from cistern on the large case or…
    ID: 203685 | 26/09/2014 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • Saltcellar To SILOS leader marks German KUPPER-WEISSER type Be-HD with you/he/she Persuades? 4,00 mc. , complete of : Autonomous motor = diesel / bicilindrico ; Electronic panel of command in the box ; Footsies of assemblage / dismantlement with system to disappearance ; Superior grate to avoid l?introduction of coarse material ; Superior cloth of opening rapid protection / closing ; Side reservoirs for the liquid of umidificazione of the salt ; Form of command blade spazzaneve: to the auxiliary motor of the saltcellar…
    ID: 203682 | 26/09/2014 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • ATTENTION: let's answer only to applications with suitable I address Email and telephone number! TEL:0461/821382 - FAX:821453 E-mail: Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG U90 Upsets / 115 Cv. with Compact Dimensions and therefore ideal for employment in the zones climb on of it and you center historical characterized from narrow and tortuous alleys. Used vehicle = Year 2000 and little Km. , uniproprietario (it originates from Swiss Public Corporate body) and under good conditions original (both of…
    ID: 203679 | 26/09/2014 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • PRICE ON APPLICATION Attention we Answer Only To Complete Contacts Of Address Email E I Number Telephone UNIMOG U1700 Upsets 4x4 170Cv I install hydraulic professional Plate frontal type SCHMIDT Nr. 6 raised again additional lighthouses ant. + Rotating blinker Flatcar large case of ca.2400x2200mm. Brought useful 5.200Kg Hook of confirmed drawing To application complete of Blade Sweep-snow SCHMIDT marks IT PLOTS IN EXCEPTIONAL IS TECHNICAL Admitted Car Operative Advantages: It drives…
    ID: 203677 | 26/09/2014 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • Attention we Answer Only To Complete Contacts Of Address Email E I Number Telephone Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG U406/900 4X4 prepared with cutter professional spazzaneve SCHMIDT marks type VF-3 /Largh. 2500 mm. with Auxiliary Motor POST. from 260Cv. entirely devoted for the rotation of the cutter Box speciale=specifica for jobs of fresatura Nr.2 fireplaces of throwing snow with rotation 360° done separately command l?a dall?other I communicate with 4.300Km./720 hours job original admitted in the name of…
    ID: 203673 | 26/09/2014 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • bultaco frontera year 1975 7000km good state
    ID: 203262 | 03/10/2014 | silvano bonatta Rating: 0
  • I sell IVECO DAILY 35-10 With Crane Occasion, Good State, Bargain PRICE 6.000? TRACTABLE FIRST TELEPHONE CONTACT IS PREFERRED CELL: 3387039870
    ID: 200969 | 09/07/2014 | Passione Rating: 0
  • mercedes 1966 unimog, completely ricondizionato in 2013, diesel, confirmed mean special (it maintains the course and it is driven with patent B) trilateral overturnable large case, 4x4 new motor, 2500cc
    ID: 198150 | 05/05/2014 | riccardo Rating: 3
  • I sell cause inutilizzo, lupetto 30 of epoch, under good conditions with large case coibentato. Half x true amateurs! For further information, not you hesitate to contact me thanks (345 4445132) . Lupetto OM 30 . Year 1967 . Plate and Book . Diesel motor . 5 marches + primina . General mass Q.them 54,40
    ID: 196648 | 01/04/2014 | Giorgia Rating: 0
  • Nissan Trade ASI


    Nissan Trade 2.0 diesel ASI Truck, footstep middle tall roof with porthole, fendinebbia carrier, removable armour, coibentato. Referred all plant brakes, distribution and aiming, rubbers, pomp water and gas-oil, restored of body shop. tagliandato and with motor already referred by the precedent owner, it has around 80.000 km. Coibentato and paved with extruded, cork and unique tables and you shape of compensated sea. in total I have spent over 6000 European, for 1000 crossed km. And' new. I was in love of it and I wanted…
    ID: 194809 | 25/02/2014 | Aldo Rating: 0
  • Inutilizzo causes I sell Towing thistles isothermal first immatricolazione:27/11/1995 Body shop Isovan ATP:FNA Scadenza December 2016 Group refrigerator thermo king lnd II max 50 with motor revised October 2012 termoregistratores. Rubbers 1° asse:0s% Rubbers 2° asse:0s% It measures center rudder pivots to center occhione 1.81 MT Measure Inside Van: Length 6.8 MT Largezza: 2.45 MT Altesa: 2 55 MT PRICE:4.000 for info: 059748350
    ID: 194594 | 20/02/2014 | sara Rating: 0
  • Fiat 1100


    I sell Fiat 1100 of 1962, without documents.
    ID: 194420 | 17/02/2014 | Roberto Mondino Rating: 0
  • I dolly in Ready Delivers!! You sells this beautiful towing for transport auto New of the Brian James Tows model RS3 Practically the Rolls Royce of the towings!! Characteristics: Length useful 4.70 meters - total 6.18 Width useful 1.95 meters - total 2.30 Height inside 1.60 meters - external 1.99 General mass 2700 kg Brought useful 1800 kg An English cart, with cover in openable vetroresina, enslaved with gas pistons. A simple and fast solution to load your auto as if was an open towing! The cover in vetroresina…
    ID: 190081 | 18/11/2013 | Action Srl Rating: 1
  • I sell services of promotional transport, advertising, fair: transfers, recover (No Assisted Road!) I transport auto: you use, out use, historical, heirlooms, motion fused, historical, you use, sidecar, tractors, trattorini, historical, used, new civil and industrial vehicles, new, used, gummed and not. boats small dimensions, towings and agricultural cars, also historical. Services in Italy and Europe.
    ID: 189626 | 09/11/2013 | Giorgio. Rating: 0


    I sell truck Mercedes Benz Actros 1831, 2 aces, p.t.t. 18 tons. year 2000, to carriage loom up to meters 960. manutenuto and parish priest maniacally, therefore inside unexceptionable, perfect body shop and excellent mechanics (currently you/he/she is working and traveling..) Visible in the province of venezia.
    ID: 189625 | 09/11/2013 | Giorgio. Rating: 0
  • Good conditions, revised 2012 original diesel motor km 160.000. You intern as new.
    ID: 189050 | 01/11/2013 | Roberto Crescenzi Rating: 0
  • Price on demand attention : We respond only to requests Full Email Address and Phone Number ! Front Alerone of mackerel divided in 4 independent sectors with end raised side; Dampening System impacts to lifting with suitable sliding slides on which the individual sectors can â€oescappare❀ in case of impact lift/tilt hydraulic side by suitable pistons reinforced Blades produced by leading company RIKO-EKOS equipment qualitatively as SCHMIDT but cost almost half INTERNET…
    ID: 188300 | 22/10/2013 | Autonord Di Mercedes Srl Rating: 4
  • Towing 10026 , monoscocca in VTR and aluminum useful measures 535x218 2 openable hatches + ramp completely amortized Towing realized in Italy!! :-)
    ID: 187405 | 08/10/2013 | Francesco Turatello Rating: 0
  • truck to be admitted. it drives to dx. handed contovento. fixed large case. only owner. good conditions.
    ID: 187298 | 06/10/2013 | orazio pesenti Rating: 0
  • in sale it is the my great transit telonato, named 'granblu.' 238000km, in good part tagliandati, year 1988, historical affiliate uisp, insurance of epoch. it swallows auto up to 5m, ramps in aluminum, loft to sleep or to load, custom axle to sleep in the box, brought nominal 1300kg, real 1000kg, hook drawing. positive points: reliable, economic, it doesn't consume oil, enormous it persuades of load, ramps of immediate and easy use, servosterzo, ideal for moves in zone and fairs. negative points: some rust, overdrive non work (but…
    ID: 185507 | 09/09/2013 | gian giacomo rossi Rating: 0
  • I sell Lance esadelta model 401 to restore, year 1959/1962 visible to colere province of BG for info tel 3356262843 Silvano
    ID: 181932 | 02/07/2013 | Silvano Rating: 0
  • I sell as from title truck German model mercedes L3500 year '50 around postwar period. For info tel 3356262843 Silvano
    ID: 181931 | 02/07/2013 | Silvano Rating: 0
    ID: 181317 | 20/06/2013 | Antonio Gibertini Rating: 0
  • 67 Lupetto partially restored, very well, complete of all the components to be completed (not à ¨ completes to malincuoere for motives for health).
    ID: 255826 | 21/02/2017 | Romano Rating: 0
  • Volvo FH12 - 3 aces? all balestrato Trailer truck Volvo Engine Volvo centinato FH 12 Year 1995 Armour lifts / lowers you cover / discover Length useful large case: 7,60 meters Width large case: 2,50 meters Well Gummed I change manual Suspension anterior and back balestrata Course: 15.000 kg Bell of drawing Possibilitis  of towing Info Gianluca Maugeri tel. 3289469208
    ID: 271821 | 19/02/2018 | Gianluca Rating: 0
  • Stupendous pickup truck Fiat 241del 1979 diesel magnificently preserved under conditions of originalità with still his double original keys and his/her book of use and maintenance Revised to April and ready to the use
    ID: 260219 | 08/05/2017 | Alberto Rating: 0
  • I Sell the van Fiat 1100T in photo, year 1967. Not had been using for about 1 useful year. Absence of rugine, healthy funds, motor 1100 gasoline (perfectly Working), complete of documents. Tractable price slightly.
    ID: 258155 | 31/03/2017 | SANDRO Rating: 0
  • Lupetto 25


    Partially restored excellent mechanics complete of every componentistica to be completed lacking piece to paint the box, I banks flatcar rims già painted, seats and imperial new the color of the half one that à ¨ been select only to demonstrative level of the color Of the completed box as from photo
    ID: 255827 | 21/02/2017 | Romano Rating: 0
  • Fiat 130 of 1976 with crane Hiab three aces.Put new motor, done 10.000 Km. then used not more in how much more necessary for change activity. armour you cover and you discover. Large case in aluminum with tall banks in aluminum. It drives to the right.Truck of epoch. Or as pieces of exchange you/he/she can be used. Visible to St. Giuliano Milanese (MI)
    ID: 253630 | 24/01/2017 | gabriella Rating: 0
  • I sell Fiat 241


    I sell Fiat 241 diesel, year 1975, motor under good conditions
    ID: 244232 | 27/09/2016 | Ivano Rating: 0
  • change zf


    I sell change zf maserati
    ID: 237032 | 03/06/2016 | Domenico Rating: 3
  • I sell all the parts meccanche understood loom with differential for lambro inocenti alone telephone cell 3396513588
    ID: 229317 | 30/01/2016 | loris Rating: 1
  • mercedes epoch


    mercedes 200d model good codine of the 1966 beige usable all days with openable tettino
    ID: 194632 | 21/02/2014 | girolamo Rating: 0
  • I look for for fiat 18 Bl box steering gear, cried of it, pedaliera, lever change and brake, back wheels.
    ID: 192126 | 30/12/2013 | Renato Rating: 0
  • fiat 639 ns 3


    truck fiat 639 ns 3, ex vigilant of the fire, year before registration 1966, reimmatricolato, double traction 4 xes 4, km 26.000 original for info 3471113473
    ID: 180889 | 13/06/2013 | beniamino Rating: 5