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  • Sell boat GLASTRON LA RAYA SS 184, length 5.65 m, year 1982 two-axle trailer ELLEBI year 1986 (as new). Fiberglass boat equipped with Sterndrive inboard / outboard 170 V6 150cc engine. OPPORTUNITY ** The boat and trailer are sold together in the state in which they are located. We apply the formula seen and liked without any kind of guarantee. For preliminary contacts I am available to send detailed photos. Telephone 3358262808 **
    ID: 290922 | 29/07/2019 | Nervesa Della Battaglia | Gastone Rating: 5
  • Sell boat GLASTRON LA RAYA SS 184, length 5.65 m, year 1982 two-axle trailer ELLEBI year 1986 (as new). Fiberglass boat equipped with Sterndrive inboard / outboard 170 V6 150cc engine. Always fresh water. OPPORTUNITY ** The boat and the trailer are sold together, in the state in which they are found, seen and liked. For more information or photos tel. 39 3358262808 **
    ID: 290944 | 29/07/2019 | Nervesa Della Battaglia | Luca Rating: 0
  • Boston WHALER


    Extremely rare and amateur Boston WHALER unsinkable! 6 homologated seats. Mt 4.06 Completely repainted it is also made even hull with antifouling! Complete with everything and steering wheel / rudder and levers ... lockers in "mahogany" wood painted with marine coppale ... who wants, apart from his, also available Jonson engine cv 25 cn documents in perfect working order !! I value serious offers. In Livorno. Complete with current trolley with winch. (No road)   No time wasters and experts ..
    ID: 288905 | 30/05/2019 | Livorno | Patrizio Rating: 0
  • Model Cantiere Cadenazzi motorboat Length 5.50 meters width 1.80 meters 145HP Mercury 3.0 Petrol engine Year 2008 Blanket and walled painted in 2009 Cushions redone in 2009 Used only at sea in summer Put back in the dry and indoors Max speed 35 knots Cruising speed 25 knots Hours of motion 48 I sell with trolley 12,000.00 euros
    ID: 285347 | 04/03/2019 | Cuneo | Andrea Rating: 0
  • I'm looking for Riva motorboat to be restored even in poor conditions ... Example photo
    ID: 285121 | 24/02/2019 | Brescia | ivan Rating: 0
  • Inflatable Novamarine II model NAVY 535 Length 4.80, width 1.60 removable. Capacity 4 people plus a child up to 10 years. Force Mercury Mistral 18.4 Kw (25 bhp) 2-stroke engine with 40 hours of motion. Revised.
    ID: 284418 | 09/02/2019 | Corciano | Giancarlo Rating: 5
  • I sell gozzo semicabinato sail / motor mt.5 yard off.mare, model Falco 50, motor Farymann A30 inboard diesel 12 hp., Auxiliary motor electric outboard, mainsail and rigging new, totally restored, reliable motor no osmosis excellent for fishing in the coast, plants new, automatic bilge pump as well as second electric and manual pump, battery disconnect, new stainless steel fuel tank, new electrical system, new cushions, awning, beautiful and well-tended wood and paint, "cutter" keel, to renew antifouling, visible tourist port…
    ID: 283940 | 30/01/2019 | Oristano | Valerio Rating: 0
  • Sell, Trade-in, Boat exchange Cranchi Endurance of 10 meters, not registered, motorized 2 x 200 Volvo Penta Diesel, perfect for both mechanics, interiors and outdoor cushions, four beds, frigobar, kitchen two fires, WHF, radio cd with internal and external speakers always rimessata with maniacal attention, on sale at the shipyard around 30 thousand with the possibility of sea trial, I personally sell at negotiable price permuting or exchanging with equal value.
    ID: 282919 | 01/01/2019 | Alghero | Enzo Rating: 0
  • Riva Timossi


    Riva Timossi model garden completely brought back to wood including live work, complete painting cycle with 30 hands, completely new chrome steel, upholstery in the processing phase also the new one.   To be motorized. I can send photos if interested   shore, era, timossi, wooden motorboat
    ID: 282798 | 25/12/2018 | Viareggio | daniele Rating: 0
  • I Sell fantastic Zar57 2004 motor Suzuki 140 4T low consumptions, tendalino, gps, plancette of stern, double battery, pomp of bilge, winter and summer cloth, cloth nautical camping, Shower, radio fusion, cart
    ID: 278565 | 08/09/2018 | Pordenine | Maurizio Rating: 0
  • SESSA 26


    Sessa 26 2 motor Volvo 4.3 for 360cv, rollbar, sets sail still electric, refrigerator, position batteries, inverter, flaps elettroidraulici, gps, compass, kitchenette, bath, dinette, tendalino, cloth total cpertura, shower, electric salpancora to double commands, vhf, stereo plant, all under good conditions, good consumptions, ready to the use always tagliadata alone 320 hours
    ID: 219513 | 13/08/2015 | ALESSANDRO Rating: 2
  • Boat years seventy, endowed with his cart of epoca.prezzo to be treated.
    ID: 261476 | 30/05/2017 | GIAN Rating: 1
  • Stupendous and rare (only 7 built samples) motorboat runabout Dodge I model 103 (length 17 feet) of 1935. The motorboat was totally restored some years ago in USA, to high-level, from the president of the American Dodge Boat Club. I cared him/it then in Italy (all the taxes and the customs customs have been paid). Till now à ¨ uses little times, this the reason for the sale. I would want to exchange him/it with an automobile of epoch, thinking about having pià ¹ facilità to use her/it in my little leisure time. I can send…
    ID: 258070 | 27/03/2017 | Riccardo Rating: 1
  • nautical Motor a lot of Guazzoni rare. The motor is working ¨, video of the motor in motion. The price is hypothetical ¨, sells to the good bidder. For info to phone the number 0761/569561.
    ID: 235321 | 06/05/2016 | Mauro Rating: 0
  • Tullio Abbate 36 offshore, total revision.Motor Volvo repents aqad 175 bs feet 290 dps sbancati in all the components, motor gotten off and referred 10 hours and feet smotati and regenerated, guaranteed motorization, reliability' total, all original pieces.Rolbar I steel tendalino, Boat dismarticolata, meters 11, European unique hull 35.000 .unmanageable. Rimessata to the covered island of Dino, Calabria.+39 3409798510. I appraise proposals of barter sporting auto cabrio real value.06 92592170.
    ID: 228008 | 10/01/2016 | Alessandro Rating: 0
  • Offer of the week!!! Rubber dinghy mt.4.30 hull in VTR.brand Motomar Floating.mounted accessories New in 2011:centr.compl.di console steering wheel and mono cable,bench of Judah regol.compl.di cushion,ladder fixed to the stern inox.moghette in idropellente rubber in the sump,mounted an engine last generaz.of Selva Marine mod.Naxos from 15 hp.year 2007,"tbd nuovooo,because it was spare on a boat that I had and inusato,see photos yet with original stickers all tried and returned in the yard to purchase other boat,where…
    ID: 219575 | 17/08/2015 | Giuseppe Rating: 0
  • Molgart Formula 1


    Molgart F1/F2, year 2000, servosterzo, foot "endurance"" motor with preparation F1 (2.500cc) with injection to guillotine, 350 cv, complete of cart, 10 helixes and exchanges you launch. All to European 13.000 . possible barters."
    ID: 209698 | 29/01/2015 | GIANANTONIO Rating: 2
  • Privacy exchanges / sells boat yard GRADY WHHITE mod.bimini 306 I sell and or I exchange boat floating yard grady white lungh.9.80 larghs. 3.20 motorized 2x250 yamahas 2 times.Boat under good conditions. only owner.I appraise barters with auto of epoch of mine pleasure.Price alone European sale 59000 info to the perditempos and profiteers.
    ID: 207873 | 22/12/2014 | giuseppe Rating: 0
  • I sell mt motorboat. 6 accessoriatos, new tapestry, plancette with scaletta, doccetta, compass, lights of street, new plant, titto as from photo, do I sell? 4000, or I exchange with auto d' epoch, 500, spider, motion d' epoch, Harley Davidson, bmw or of my liking for contacts 3397872311
    ID: 201503 | 28/07/2014 | marco Rating: 0
  • I permute boat equal to new with auto epoch also ciphers superior, visible to rising sestri, noperditempo, giustini tel. 3355604632
    ID: 197596 | 23/04/2014 | Pierluigi Rating: 5
  • Boat saver 720 was equal to new super accessoriata 2007 with 2 motor outboard honda da135 cv cad.,I appraise barter with auto epoch, camper or raft carrellabile, visible to genova, to abstain perditempo, thanks giustini tel. 3355604632
    ID: 195356 | 06/03/2014 | Pierluigi Rating: 5
  • Motor Yacht 38 feet, in wood, motor volvo repents luxurious, 2 baths, 2 boxes pluriaccessoriato. under good conditions Ricondizionato in the 2007 exchange with auto of epoch cabrio
    ID: 189680 | 11/11/2013 | LUCIANO Rating: 0
  • I exchange boat avela Sciuscia long tail, day cruiser 7.05 mt, 4 berths, fb Mercury 6 Hp, good conditions aesthetics and functional, with auto of epoch years 70 type coupe or cabriolet, value of exchange 7000 European.
    ID: 186095 | 18/09/2013 | Carmelo Gaudioso Rating: 0
  • I sell motorboat of epoch entirely in wood yard piantoni I model super derby (as a shore superflorida), always sailed on the lake, motor inboard motorboat line of axle chrysler hp 225 preserved in everything and for everything, splendid conditions, confirmed a.s.i., endowed with his of invades of new wood and I dolly ellebi with 800 kilometers of route. few built samples, remained in Italy seems 2.
    ID: 235398 | 08/05/2016 | roberto pozzi Rating: 2
  • I sell motorboat in wood year 1972 yard piantoni I model super derby, model similar to the shore superflorida but built in little samples, line of axle, length meters 6, motor inboard motorboat chrysler hp 225, completely preserved in spectacular way, confirmed to.s.the., endowed with cart new ellebi with route of around 1000 kilometers
    ID: 249331 | 19/11/2016 | roberto pozzi Rating: 2
  • Small but beautiful scafetto years' 70, well preserved, color orange tree and cream, police squad in wood as new, selleria (overturnable) still covered with the transparent plastics, always state to the covered one It protects breeze already splintered recently, anticipated to refer him/it, possibility motor f.b.a departs I don't have space anymore Photo to 1/2 Whatses App Only interested
    ID: 225195 | 22/11/2015 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I sell motorboat of epoch in wood yard piantoni I model preserved super derby under good conditions, confirmed asi, possible cart custom ellebi apart, motor v8 chrysler of first equipment hp 225, radio of epoch, few built samples and still less remained, always sailed on the lake.
    ID: 199369 | 30/05/2014 | roberto pozzi Rating: 2
  • I appraise exchange Boat Open of 21 Mt with auto of epoch Porsche 911, Aston Martin, Ferrari.
    ID: 189960 | 16/11/2013 | Lorenzo Rating: 0
  • boat saver 720 was


    Boat saver 720wa parinuovas 2007 value 35000 change with auto of epoch, motion epoch, recent camper, or how much of my interest, visible to rising sestri, to abstain giustinis
    ID: 188456 | 24/10/2013 | Pierluigi Rating: 5
  • I permute very beautiful and perfect boat saver 2007 720 wrs visible to genova with auto epoch also ciphers superior, to abstain perditempo. Thanks giustini tel. 3355604632
    ID: 187817 | 13/10/2013 | Pierluigi Rating: 5