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  • I sell opel ascona 2.0 srs gr.2, change zf, printed pistons, weber 45, radiator oil, electronic lighting, electric plant completely referred, autobloccante conic couple 8/38 GM, front-axle assembly and it strikes strengthened, roll confirmed cafe, friction in ergal, pliers you brake autoventilati, etc. etc. Paul
    ID: 208462 | 08/01/2015 | paolo Rating: 0
  • I sell lance aprilia 1938 convertible spider to complete the restauration. I don't send photo for appointment tel.3487450332 Thanks
    ID: 208445 | 07/01/2015 | valerio Rating: 0
  • I look for various exchanges for country fiat
    ID: 208432 | 07/01/2015 | andrea Rating: 0
  • -speedometer maggiolone -speedometer may-bug -I install lavavetri (boccione + pulsating + pipe) -arms doorman maggiolone -couple ashtray back maggiolone cabrio -pulsating closing back chest maggiolone cabrio (I believe anch is all right
    ID: 208386 | 06/01/2015 | Vilco Spelta Rating: 1
  • The am searching BMW mainly M3 series and special nice old BMWs over 25 yearses old.
    ID: 208331 | 06/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I look for buick roadmaster from 51 to 56 to restore.
    ID: 208229 | 03/01/2015 | Emanuele Rating: 0
  • Complete and working auto but from total restauration. Mechanics and tapestry in order but body shop with passing rust. Motor gotten off for beginning restauration. The auto is singly sold or in block with other 10 autos of epoch for it needs to free an industrial shed. Tractable price only for sale in block of all the cars.
    ID: 208218 | 02/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I look for restored and or not restored Lance Flaminia Touring Cabriolet
    ID: 208196 | 02/01/2015 | Andrea Rating: 0
  • I sell dyane 6


    Unique auto referred in the least details New motor to be seen color 435 original
    ID: 208105 | 31/12/2014 | Ermanno Rating: 5
  • I sell Alfetta gtv 2.0 under good conditions plates and documents regular passage 260? body shop good is to see again in some points. Never plant gas. For inutilizzo. Price trat. To see. For other info called me to the tel. No mail.
    ID: 208084 | 30/12/2014 | Tony Rating: 0
  • Lance Aurelia B20S


    beautiful cars French guide left 1958 original and good condition no rust red internal grey it registers French
    ID: 208066 | 29/12/2014 | prudhomme michel Rating: 0
  • I look for lance Aurelia b21 consevata or restored with documents
    ID: 207948 | 27/12/2014 | valter Rating: 0
  • I look for fiat 500 old abarths with complete and original book, few changes if not you confirm, working for the export
    ID: 207947 | 27/12/2014 | Giampiero Rating: 0
  • Very beautiful Triumph TDC MKII, derived by the renown but fruit of the new factory Standard that the Triumph had purchased, motor 2088 under excellent conditions, turn very well, it doesn't make smoke, it pushes well. Change 3 marches with electric overdrive, perfect, grafts without noise, perfect also to sustained speed. It almost travels on road as a modern (obviously with the textile rubbers must be watched out) auto, and uses for different years as ceremony auto and to improve its reliability I/you/they have been made…
    ID: 207957 | 27/12/2014 | Giuseppe Rating: 0
  • I preferably look for FERRARI 208 I have upset Intercoler since 86 in then to price to be arranged after the vision, payment cash, also to systematize
    ID: 207962 | 27/12/2014 | dante Rating: 0
  • I sell in block to the good bidder, n 2 fulvias coupe, a model rally 1° series with chests and doors in aluminum completes of everything without documents, the other model 1976 3° series in order of documents + series 5 look for cromodora
    ID: 207964 | 27/12/2014 | giampaolo Rating: 0
  • I look for Lance preserved Aurelia B21 or restored with documents.
    ID: 207949 | 25/12/2014 | valter Rating: 3
  • Referred auto all in the least details. All new to be seen. To brief I have all the photos of documentation you work performed I don't think that in Italy there and n'e both one this way. Color 435 original
    ID: 207672 | 16/12/2014 | Ermanno Rating: 5
  • I look for maximum year 92 mercedes g 300 ges or 300 tds
    ID: 207630 | 15/12/2014 | cristian Rating: 0
  • I look for loom registered for sirocco up to 1977
    ID: 207510 | 13/12/2014 | Simone Rating: 0
  • Marvelous RENAULT Caravelle 1100 ccs year 1964 just restored and of color ggrigio metalizzato, cromature effected from known serious cromatore and I only crossed 30 km in one year from a suit restauration (selleria and preserved hood) Rubbers nuoveda 15" MICHELIN provided of Hard top becomes a comfortable berlinetta from a cabriolet amusing, 4 brakes to disk (motor completely referred and of before endowment), new brakes, new dampers, really very beautiful. key brings, avviam original plates black MI......) removed,…
    ID: 207506 | 13/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I exchange Motorboat "Brown ABBATE 23"" years' 90, of mt 7,50 and white with liveries bleu, repainted never, used little and only in sweet water, with a motor" "VOLVO Penta"" 8 cylinders to injection, 2 helixes in steel inox controrotanti on the same foot, divaneria and preserved insides, sets bed, wc, radio FM, reservoir sweet water and external doccetta, bridge with attack auxiliary motor, tendalino ever used, preserved and rimessato for a long time. I exchange with Auto of epoch or historical competition of my pleasure. To make…
    ID: 207501 | 13/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I look for ferrari testarossa under perfect conditions max 60000 km even if not tagliandata
    ID: 207353 | 11/12/2014 | paolo Rating: 0
  • Vendesi in block for Hf 1600 1 change 5 marches 818740 4 look for cromodora 6x13 in magnesium perfect with chromed coppette 1 circle cromodora 6x14 perfect with chromed coppetta For information to phone 336-591130 I don't answer to e-mail thanks
    ID: 207248 | 07/12/2014 | luca Rating: 5
  • BMW 1990 316 injection, of white color, with automatic change and ABS already catalizzata on application (only later in 1992 the green gasoline existed since that time for vehicles catalizzati) 4 headrest, looks for in league and 4 you look for in in iron for thermal rubbers. Electric canopy, replaced motor c/o BMW Italia headquartered in St. Donato M.if (MI) and since then pesono runs around 30.000 km. It pumps new electric gasoline, brakes and new dampers, replaced exchanges for a general cost of around three votes the…
    ID: 207212 | 07/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Fiat 1100 TVs coupe Pininfarina (second series) Stradale had Been restoring for a few years. motor had been referring for few days, sells for change prodetto Plates black Documents Ok Passed sporting with Passport F.I.A of the anni'90s Information after vision vehicle Binding price
    ID: 207157 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I sell 112 abarths 70 hp under good conditions, the car and is riciverniciata in 2004, the anterior mudguards have been replaced, the insides are original, as the targhe,2s precendenti propietari, book use and maintenance and book of original guarantee of the epoch, attested of historicity asi, you look for cromodora abarth, order reduced with more rigid dampers excellent motor 129.000 km the car sells him in the seen way and liked x info I contact email
    ID: 207123 | 05/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I look for change of rhythm 105 or eventually of 130 abarts
    ID: 207111 | 05/12/2014 | gianni Rating: 0
  • I sell blade sottoparaurti ford escort coswoth as new and original ford
    ID: 207061 | 04/12/2014 | luca Rating: 0
  • Car under uproarious conditions from museum, restored completely of mechanics and body shop in professional maniacal and super way maintaining as original parts as for instance the insides however, preserved maniacally as the car and of fact only owner.The external and white color and the insides are black it has plates and original documents of before registration and and ready to the use without any intervention to be performed. Car that you/he/she must be sees for becoming himself/herself/themselves account of the…
    ID: 207051 | 03/12/2014 | luca Rating: 5
  • I look for mercedes sl years 92-97 under perfect conditions with book coupons and invoices ever repainted.
    ID: 206973 | 03/12/2014 | paolo Rating: 0
  • Perfect auto with kit esseesse.Guarantee valid mother house up to November 2015.L'auto deliver her/it with the you look for white and the I unload abarth.If interested there are the 4 you look for grey that can see in the photos with 4 snow (last winter) tires and the I unload monza (confirmed).
    ID: 206941 | 02/12/2014 | mauro beleza Rating: 0
  • I look for porsche 993 2 ses under good conditions
    ID: 206927 | 02/12/2014 | roberto Rating: 0
  • I buy perfect porsche 993 2s
    ID: 206930 | 02/12/2014 | roberto Rating: 0
  • They perform revisions and reparations of run changes both you graft frontal sequential brought closer. We perform reparations boxes you change.maximum professionalism.
    ID: 206828 | 01/12/2014 | luca Rating: 0
  • I look for it also strikes loom without documents of the transformable bianchina
    ID: 206872 | 01/12/2014 | Gaetano Rating: 1
  • I sell mercedes 66 250 ses for abandonment restauration. complete auto of everything already lattonata and with a hand leading ready epossidico to be painted. Original black plate bologna. Removed d' office.
    ID: 206737 | 01/12/2014 | valerio Rating: 1
  • I sell two anterior and back bumpers bmw e30 original m3 with two crepettis repairable good attacks.
    ID: 206824 | 01/12/2014 | luca Rating: 0
  • I sell doors in vetroresina of good invoice and to read for bmw m3
    ID: 206825 | 01/12/2014 | luca Rating: 0
  • I sell doors in vetroresina for renault clio cup or renault clio new very beautiful r3 and to read
    ID: 206826 | 01/12/2014 | luca Rating: 0
  • They perform revisions and reparations of changes sequential frontal grafts brought closer for run auto.maximum professionalism
    ID: 206831 | 01/12/2014 | luca Rating: 0
  • I look for may-bug pre 67 in any condition (no already restored) Also under bad conditions or also only loom and documents also removed. First contact away mail
    ID: 206717 | 28/11/2014 | Marco Rating: 0
  • Bianchina spider


    I sell bianchina 1963 spider, the auto and from total restauration I beg to contact only if really parties to abstain perditempo thanks
    ID: 206617 | 25/11/2014 | Francesco Rating: 0
  • Salutes I am looking for a Simca / Talbot 1100 GLSs under good general conditions, possibly without jobs to be effected and with inside correct... Send me information and photo and richesta to my address of mail electronics. Stephen
    ID: 206552 | 24/11/2014 | Stefano Rating: 0
  • I buy innocent smaller miniskirts 850 with maps handed external years 1964 - 1965 - 1966 - 1967, also in bad state
    ID: 206526 | 24/11/2014 | Arturo Rating: 0
  • I look for caddy 1.9 diesel 105cv maxi or normal provided that is possibly well kept and working in every part of his 4x4. prepared to spend reasonable figure if the mean and in order. down payment offers and I pretends seriousness. 3389738349
    ID: 206498 | 23/11/2014 | ROBERTO FERRARI Rating: 0
  • I sell


    Auto in good state, for a long time guarded in playpen, automatic seats in leather.
    ID: 206447 | 23/11/2014 | ANTONINO Rating: 0
  • I look for small mirrors mod.matador for fulvia 1°serie
    ID: 206371 | 21/11/2014 | giorgio Rating: 0
  • I look for triumph spitfire mk1 or mk2. good conditions. Believable price. you see ruoteclassiche
    ID: 206155 | 17/11/2014 | francesco Rating: 0
  • I look for Triumph spitfire Mk1 or Mk2.Good conditions. Believable price, sees ruoteclassiche.
    ID: 206159 | 17/11/2014 | francesco Rating: 0