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  • Bianchi 175 gold arrow in good condition, working with original registration plate documents, with chronological excerpt and title search, I evaluate exchanges with vintage motorcycles, or with vintage cars 3384108454
    ID: 296955 | 21/01/2020 | Alessandria | Pierluigi Rating: 0
  • AJS 350 B1


    AJS 350 B1, 1923, beautiful old restoration, fully functional engine, matching chassis and engine numbers, IMF Historical Register certification, other vintage motorcycles available from private collections
    ID: 296920 | 21/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • 1974 KZ 900 Z1


    The iconic 1974 KZ 900 Z1 . This MC was the most powerful production motorcycle manufactured in its day and is one of the most sought after relics of that time. Over $6k invested in the restoration alone and comes with receipts and service records. Runs perfect and looks great. I can send a walk around video to interested parties.
    ID: 296910 | 21/01/2020 | Wolverhampton | Jones Rating: 0
  • Year 1930 motorcycle perfectly restored many years ago and belonging to the same owner since 1996, this is one of the last motions that were producted with the engine with suffix of the 156 suffix which is about the motorcycle, and the motorcycle is accompanied by original electrical wiring. The original documents may show that the engine and chassis are the origin of origin, moreover motorcycle is approved ASI with plates and source documents
    ID: 296909 | 21/01/2020 | Wolverhampton | Jones Rating: 0
  • BSA wm20


    I sell or exchange with spider twenty years minimum. Conservative restoration overhauled engine, detachable sidecar booklet. ( not present)
    ID: 296898 | 21/01/2020 | Castelnuovo Di Val Di Cecina | Graziano Rating: 0
  • For sale guzzi california 2 cc 1000 year 1984 restored as new km 15000 all original I sell x unused
    ID: 296895 | 21/01/2020 | Frascati | vitaliano Rating: 2
  • moto guzzi 850t


    I sell guzzi 850t year 1974 restored km 5000. I can exchange to the vespa 200 rally or with the mans 850
    ID: 296894 | 21/01/2020 | Frascati | vitaliano Rating: 2
  • moto guzzi v7 year 1971 restored as new original plate and booklet ready for passage. I can only exchange with the vespa rally200 or guzzi 850 the mans
    ID: 296893 | 21/01/2020 | Frascati | vitaliano Rating: 2
  • This is a 1957 Zundapp KS601 twin all matching numbers; frame. engine and both cylinders. The restoration included new rings, valve job, carbs were cleaned, repaint of the frame, bodywork, wheels were re-spoked, parts that needed it were re-chromed and new tires were installed. I have the clean title.
    ID: 296889 | 19/01/2020 | Solihull | Marcos Rating: 0
  • Benelli


    Fantastic Benelli Tornado first series with doc to pass new shock absorbers such as chrome plating tires etc. real jewel from the 70s one of the 613 first series produced please contact us cell Thanks
    ID: 296845 | 19/01/2020 | Arezzo | simona Rating: 3
  • Benelli 354 Sport, 4 cylinders, registered ASI, working, in very good condition, always kept in the garage, complete with front fairing and side bags, black livery with gold fillets
    ID: 296831 | 19/01/2020 | Andezeno | Albano Rating: 5
  • Aermacchi 125


    Aermacchi 125, use of spare parts, complete engine with good compression, Cagiva rear wheel, frame and engine numbers
    ID: 296818 | 19/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • Vespa GS 160 from January 1962 MK1 PRESERVED all original VINTAGE All original and preserved Vespa subjected to a conservative restoration during which it was cleaned and polished in every detail Engine completely redone keeping all the original details.   Fast and very reliable, one of a kind so preserved. Original MI plate   Call me for any doubt 3487807797 only telephone contacts NO MAIL Classic Vespa GS160 MK1 1962 full original condition. International bidders are welcome please get in contact and ask…
    ID: 296762 | 19/01/2020 | Castell'arquato | Carlo Rating: 0
    ID: 296718 | 19/01/2020 | Pisa | CARLO Rating: 0
  • 1966 BMW R60/2


    Am selling 1966 BMW R60/2 is equipped with a 6.5-gallon fuel tank, Euro handlebars, and a Denfeld solo saddle. Finished in a traditional black with white double-row pinstriping, it was purchased new by the seller’s uncle and receives power from the original 594cc opposed-twin, which is paired with a four-speed gearbox. Upgrades also include a stainless exhaust system and Flanders side stand.
    ID: 296884 | 19/01/2020 | United Kingdom | JONES Rating: 0
  • For sale odometer Jaeger disassembled new from motorcycle. Perfectly functional and well preserved.
    ID: 296846 | 19/01/2020 | Ben Rating: 0
  • marching bike with documents in good condition, valid until July 2021, engine restoration carried out by an expert mechanic available for any test
    ID: 296716 | 19/01/2020 | Terme Vigliatore | santino Rating: 0
  • To be overhauled because it has stopped for some time but complete with documents and instruction booklet and luggage rack with German side bags complete with keys.
    ID: 295800 | 23/12/2019 | Pavia | Francesco Rating: 0
  • For sale Ancillotti 50 cc Regularity of 1981 completely restored. Many new parts, repainted chassis, new electrical system, coil, original new lights. Spectacular Marzocchi shock absorbers regenerated and restored perfectly. One of the most desired bikes by 14-year-olds in the early 80s. 6-speed Minarelli engine (also came out with the Franco Morini engine)
    ID: 296668 | 14/01/2020 | Borgomanero | Roberto Rating: 0
  • For sale Ancillotti 125 CRH of 1980 completely restored, liquid cooled Hiro engine, redone again with original parts. showcase aesthetics. Ideal for collection. After the restoration it was never used. There are few motorcycles on the market in this condition. The restoration was attended only by experienced and experienced mechanics on the brand. I recommend seeing it live.
    ID: 296667 | 14/01/2020 | Borgomanero | Roberto Rating: 0
  • 350cc 2-stroke fully functional and running, starts at the first pedal stroke, all original, nowhere to be found, to see and try. I can also deliver as it is equipped with a van. I appraise barters
    ID: 296673 | 14/01/2020 | Montebelluna | GHERRY Rating: 0
  • For sale lambretta li 150 3 series registered IMF original documents and plate, complete restoration.   mounts:   185 mugello aluminum engine   carburetor 32   new clutch   electronic ignition ducati (electronic flywheel)   racing exhaust site with increased expansion   saddle giuliari   ohlins shock absorbers   the price includes the original 150 engine block, exhaust, saddle, to bring it back to the original
    ID: 296643 | 11/01/2020 | Bassano Del Grappa | alessandro Rating: 3
  • For sale beautiful LODOLA REGULARITY 250cc 5 gears, motorcycles in possession only of official riders have made 16 of them this is the number 11 of the engine registered IMF documents in order complete with everything and functioning only piece I repeat official motorcycle latest models with Ceriani fork from see and try Call only if really interested in buying an official motorbike (we are talking about a 250cc 5 speed KA0 chassis)
    ID: 296635 | 11/01/2020 | Scanzorosciate | roberto Rating: 1
  • For sale motorcycles Bianchi Stelvio 250 cc. of 1951, restored to perfection several years ago by a professional restorer friend, re-registered and registered in his time in the "White Historical Register", the motorbike has been used very little and has not been used for many years.
    ID: 296636 | 11/01/2020 | Fiume Veneto (Pn) | RENATO Rating: 0
  • Guzzi 500 from 1939, all original, perfectly restored, approved for three people. Price in private.
    ID: 296593 | 11/01/2020 | Pavia | laura Rating: 0
  • I sell beautiful wasp T5 of 1985 pole position excellent conditions nothing to make us original documents from passage numbered Rome
    ID: 296516 | 09/01/2020 | Colleferro | RICCARDO Rating: 0
  • Piis unique ¹ that rare, Kawasaki ER-5 to Km zero! I crossed only 2,6 km for the testing of preconsegna. Emptied by the liquid, without battery and filed in private collection. Good exposure object or with a simple cutting of normal administration + the periodic revsione (what obviously not is ¨ ever performs), puis² to be put again in the street. The Kawasaki ER-5 is ¨ iscrivibile F.M.I. It has a motor bicilindrico DOHC from 498 ccs. based on the project used in the Kawasaki GPZ 500 Ss and in the KLE, in degree to develop, in this…
    ID: 270981 | 02/05/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • Sertum 500 VL from 1947   old restoration - engine redone   in excellent working order   Passbook and original registration plate   Certificate of historicity ASI
    ID: 296445 | 07/01/2020 | 25010 | Marco Rating: 2
  • Benelli Leoncino S125, preserved incomplete, chassis and engine numbers, free engine and gearbox, engages well, I sell the use of spare parts
    ID: 296443 | 07/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • Motobi Ardizio 125, late fifties, preserved original in fair condition, engine and power, gearbox in order, original plate and title search
    ID: 296442 | 07/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • BSA Round Tank 250, 1927, from the English collection beautiful professional restoration, totally overhauled mechanics, fully functional, Luxor carbide headlight, frame and engine numbers, other vintage motorcycles available from private collections
    ID: 296440 | 07/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • preserved, original, the engine runs, without any type of document, red color and black frame, saddle in poor condition
    ID: 296427 | 07/01/2020 | Castell'arquato | RAFFAELLO Rating: 2
  • preserved, original, without any document, in disuse for over twenty years, blue and white color, missing battery cover, not in good condition
    ID: 296426 | 07/01/2020 | Castell'arquato | RAFFAELLO Rating: 2
  • BENELLI 125


    complete, preserved, original, without any documents, the engine turns but has been stopped for thirty years, red / black color
    ID: 296425 | 07/01/2020 | Castell'arquato | RAFFAELLO Rating: 2
  • I sell as shown in the photo Ciao Piaggio to the highest bidder who belonged to our family, which has always been restored fifteen years ago and has never been used again, stored in the garage. The photos are not very good but it is absolutely complete with everything.
    ID: 296183 | 04/01/2020 | Chiari | Renato Rating: 1
  • DKW 125 , 1960


    DKW 125, 1960, preserved original in fair condition, the engine is free and from power, original plate and PRA certificate.
    ID: 296126 | 04/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • Cimatti 125 Sport, 1958, preserved original, the engine is free and current, original plate and PRA certificate
    ID: 296125 | 04/01/2020 | Brescia | enrico Rating: 4
  • HONDA 750 FOUR


    ID: 296119 | 04/01/2020 | Albiate | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Beautiful kawasaki GPZ 600r excellent fun tires new mufflers new clutch new front brakes and Post. new together with the bike you will receive: 4 high voltage coils, 2 current regulators, 2 control units, an instrumentation, 3 brake calipers, 2 rear arrows, 2 carburetor batteries. ASI registered with stamp-free certificate.
    ID: 296152 | 04/01/2020 | Genova | Christian Rating: 0
    ID: 296022 | 31/12/2019 | Pistoia | Limo's rent Rating: 5
    ID: 296013 | 31/12/2019 | Albiate | Fabio Rating: 1
  • For sale Malaguti gam 6 working 4 marches from restoration no documents € 350 cell, 368 3126826 339 8237028
    ID: 295986 | 31/12/2019 | Santarcangelo Di Romagna | Stelvio Rating: 5
  • URAL M-63 vintage sidecar Original white and blue plates, 3-page approved booklet with non-detachable wheelchair Certificate of historical relevance IMF registered Inspection valid until February 2021 In good general condition 650 cc. 4 reverse gears Military accessories are provided Several spare parts Used weekly € 7300 Any evidence I don't ship CURRENCY EXCHANGE WITH AUTO-MOTORCYCLE-VAN Info 3384452578 Fabio
    ID: 295981 | 31/12/2019 | Sandrigo (Vi) | Fabio Rating: 0
  • Block do n.2 Lambrettas: 150 Li from 1962, with only the original number plate, and 125 Speciale from 1967 with original number plate and booklet; the vehicles are in good general condition and working, the price is absolutely not negotiable and is for the block, I don't sell separately I don't exchange, I don't send, but above all I don't want to waste time on absurd proposals, only and exclusively telephone contact.3485194949
    ID: 295995 | 31/12/2019 | Roma | Giordano Rating: 0
  • For sale Piaggio Ape AD1 175 model 500. Working real photos from restoration. Excellent for exhibitions or advertisements.
    ID: 295920 | 26/12/2019 | Lamezia Terme | Pierluigi Rating: 2
  • Vespa completely restored by professionals, like new, original color "Piaggio metallic titanium gray", Polini thermal group 75cc, its original sold together with the vespa, perfect in all, completely overhauled mechanics, new shock absorbers, new brakes, new tires, new cables, original preserved seat original gray floor mats, engine overhauled and polished, new black rubber over-carpet, use and maintenance manual, tools, etc, after restoration never used. km before the restoration 8.000, documents in order, I don't…
    ID: 295908 | 26/12/2019 | La Spezia | davide Rating: 0
  • Never driven new Malanca GTS5 50cc from the last production year 1980. With the Monolever Suspension system like Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and BMW. Price 2900 Euros
    ID: 295872 | 24/12/2019 | Ascoli Piceno | Tony Rating: 5
  • I sell primary carter for Bonneville T120 perfect, polished to new at 150 euros shipping costs. Please only interested.
    ID: 195451 | 08/03/2014 | Torino | Nello Novelli Rating: 5
  • Year 1998, km 27800, sole owner. Model with free wheel and two-piston brake caliper. Just finished conservative restoration. ASI registration therefore insurance reduced about 150 euros per year. Fully functional and no work to do. Works carried out: - the bike was almost completely disassembled to check it in its entirety; - modification of the battery compartment in order to be able to insert batteries of different sizes; - frame intact at check and with original paint - coupon engine, repainted and polished -…
    ID: 295692 | 19/12/2019 | Villa San Giovanni | ANTONIO Rating: 0
  • I sell Gilera Jubilee 98cc radiato office, plate and documents present, the engine is not nailed !! to be restored or used as spare parts.
    ID: 295742 | 17/12/2019 | Stefano Rating: 0