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    Jeep willys registered a.s.i. like new! original American medium registered 1960 km. 37,000 fully functional new engine new brakes new differential new interiors car equipped with several accessories, original petrol cans. new soft tops and windows new tires new brake booster lovingly restored as an amateur with demonstrable bills
    ID: 290454 | 15/07/2019 | Luciano Rating: 1 | Genova
  • M1008 CUCV ex-Nato pick-up. Automatic gearbox, new interior redone, very little used. Currently stopped, the head must be replaced. Spare parts included, in addition to the head I also have the piston, the parts of the piston, all the valves and the pins of the cylinder head plus other aesthetic accessories purchased by me in part type the sunvisor, new optical rear group etc ... Just mount the all. Member of ASI, then reduced ownership and NO stamp duty. The price is not negotiable, just look at how much they are sold to…
    ID: 289715 | 21/06/2019 | alcrilabgroup Rating: 0 | Casarano (Le)
  • Original World War II machine belonging to the German forces, completely restored in the bodywork and mechanics. Registered and marching on the road.
    ID: 288138 | 14/05/2019 | ANDREA Rating: 0 | Vicenza
  • Marelli Superbobina type coil, 24 volts, new, last remaining. Shipping paid by the buyer after receiving the transfer.
    ID: 287665 | 29/04/2019 | Maurizio Rating: 2 | Forlì
  • dodge wc 52


    I sell refurbished dodge toilet 52 sanded with accessories
    ID: 287481 | 24/04/2019 | giuseppe Rating: 0 | Sant' Agata Di Militello
    ID: 287046 | 15/04/2019 | daniele Rating: 0 | Mallorca
    ID: 287045 | 15/04/2019 | daniele Rating: 0 | Mallorca
  • ERNESTO BREDA MILITARY TOWING TRUCK; MODEL1937, complete original, driving,
    ID: 286669 | 04/04/2019 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I sell front hubs jeep willys new stock fund 100 euros for both with withdrawal in Florence with 10 more I send.
    ID: 286162 | 22/03/2019 | fabio Rating: 0 | Firenze
  • Extremely rare Moto Guzzi 3x3 (mechanical Mule), half commissioned by the Armed Forces at the end of the 1950s, produced in a limited number of copies (n.200) registered in 1983. Well preserved, marching, original paint. Documents ready for transfer of ownership Contact us to talk about it if interested. Thanks. 0521/857615
    ID: 286005 | 19/03/2019 | SCHIARETTI E FOLEZZANI SRL Rating: 2 | Langhirano - Pr
  • Fiat AR76 version 1107A - military original - 5-speed gearbox - the military version, unlike the civil version, has reinforced double crossbeam front axle shafts, standard ZF front and rear differential locks, reinforced body. Civil registered car, ready for the transfer of ownership, registered in the Italian FIAT Register.
    ID: 285961 | 18/03/2019 | Lorenzo Rating: 1 | Pavia
  • Dodge M37


    Dodge M37 fully restored, new chassis. Approved for 9 seats.
    ID: 285942 | 18/03/2019 | Dario Rating: 0 | Firenze
  • Pick up in good conditions former US Army does not present rubberized rust new fully functional mechanic registered A.S.I. exempt stamp reduced historical insurance.
    ID: 285939 | 18/03/2019 | stefano Rating: 0 | Borgo Ticino
  • Airone 250


    Heron 250 carabinieri partially restored complete with radio and accessories and certificate of origin
    ID: 284263 | 08/02/2019 | Antonello Rating: 0 | Monza
  • Amphibio DUCW


    Amphibio original DUCW for sale. WW2 Location USA
    ID: 283318 | 14/01/2019 | Konstantin Rating: 5
  • AUTOGRAPHED Brochure of the Frecce Tricolori national aerobatic team of the Italian Air Force 1971, excellent condition, has no defects but has the peculiarity of having the photos of the crews autographed by the components !, an absolute rarity not to be missed. It is sold with the visa clause and liked, are not accepted or provided returns or refunds. I accept sensible offers.
    ID: 283284 | 14/01/2019 | Stefano Rating: 1


    I sell DKW MUNGA with documents in good standing, registered ASI, of 1968, German documentation of origin, complete equipment radio vehicle SEM 25, Andrea cell.3925400594. if you are really interested I send other photos in private. thank you
    ID: 282902 | 29/12/2018 | andrea Rating: 0 | Genova
  • chevrolet M 1008


    Chevrolet M1008 motor 6000 Ds W8, perfectly maintained in order working, revised, gummed new, enrolled A.S.I. , exempt stamp reduced insurance.
    ID: 280587 | 01/11/2018 | Stefano Rating: 0 | Borgo Ticino (No)
    ID: 279949 | 13/10/2018 | Danilo Rating: 0 | Fano
  • Rimorchio


    Rimorchio militare degli anni '20-'30 del '900. Consevatissimo col suo basto originale.
    ID: 279037 | 22/09/2018 | Flavio Rating: 0 | Tortona
  • Jeep WILLI S


    Vendesi Jeep Willis Year 1942 in good state, revised, working, with curtain pea-coat. All the exchanges They are original
    ID: 278385 | 02/09/2018 | mauro Rating: 0 | Forli
  • Wrecker isolates road help traction 6x6 fiats 260.35, 3 winches, I unthread arm 18 meters, km 25.000, with book ispesl, Capacity: 17174 cm3s N. cylinders: 8 N. marches: 8 reduction gear: Traction: integral 6 x6s, weight in o.d.m.: 25600 kg I weigh rimorchiabile: 24000 kg wrecker, crane, assisted road, you isolate, traction 6x6 For info 3471113473
    ID: 277924 | 20/08/2018 | beniamino Rating: 5 | Casoria
  • . ¬ 58.500,00 - I Sell an ambulance Alpha Romeo F12 - is. a military vehicle of the Italian army of the year 1980 - Loom n. 01000 - motor Julia 1300 c.cs. - Two (2) stretchers / stretchers original, in thick wood. Professional restauration with polishing and bicolored varnish maintaining all the details of originalitis . Five (5) new tires, new gaskets flowing car windows and of the doors, complete remaking of seats, panels and ceiling / sky of the vehicle. Flashing lights, the siren, all the glasses, the panels of the doors, the pulsating…
    ID: 277929 | 17/08/2018 | Oscar Rating: 0 | Costa Di Mezzate
  • I look for, on behalf of an old friend, Italian vehicles of the Second World War and related spare parts. Trucks, artillery tractors (spa TL37, TM40) military cars, tankettes etc. I'm not looking for motorcycles. I am also looking for TM40 and tl37 bodywork only ad always valid Thank you
    ID: 261588 | 02/06/2017 | Danilo Rating: 0
  • Conditions: RESTORED 2003INUTILIZZATA From 2013Proponiamo on behalf of private, this AUTORICOGNIZIONE Militare of the in excellent is conservative related to his 2003 restauration; the particolarits of this vehicle are the lights of anti-aircraft protection, the anterior and back war lights, pick and shovel, the plaquettes and the color green original olive. The body shop not introduces important evident imperfections or signs of passing oxidation; Also perch perpetually resided in garage and unused from 2013. The…
    ID: 274683 | 06/05/2018 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5
  • Total EDOTTO Restauro From Chassis Documented With Photo "PRIMA-during-DOPO" - EXEMPLARY FROM MUSEUM - UNICOPROPRIETARIOCOMPLETA LETTERATURA AND EQUIPMENT In Endowment Native D'EPOCA - Numerous Exchanges Included New And Native - Attached Ample Literature (manual d'uso and istrizioni, complete of I exploded) Vehicle Employee For FICTION RAI To Theme (photo trying available): "Boris Giuliano - A police officer to Palermo" (2016) - the Series "COMMISSARIO MALTESE"…
    ID: 274150 | 19/04/2018 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5
  • I offer anterior suspension regenerated ever climbed on by the Italian army it completes of semiassi you brake the everything and new ever climbed on. I also offer differential other exchanges of this countrywoman transmissions, reduction gear, moped starting, dynamo motor. etc etc I contact whatsapp to 3281128109
    ID: 273431 | 30/03/2018 | ANTONIO Rating: 0
  • preserved motion splendidly all original military working I prepare manifold pieces of exchange guzzi and other aforesaid motion it possesses plate and extract of the public register Auto
    ID: 269655 | 27/12/2017 | fulvio Rating: 2
  • For DKW Gancio Milks I Haul Military posterior. Used, under good conditions and perfectly working. Original Military Born Bundeswehr Code I reciprocate Auto Union: 303813011010000 Complete of bulloneria for the assemblage For Milks all the versions, VW 181, Pescaccia, ILTIS, Mercedes G / P4, Unimog, Steyr Puch, Vehicles military, Military vehicles, Manages European 148 Telephone 338-1484841
    ID: 267523 | 13/11/2017 | Francis Rating: 1
  • Fiat AR55 & quot;Campagnola", version adjourned of 1955, with loom 1101A and motor type 105A from 63Cv to gasoline, 4 cylinders, 1901 of capacity. It deals with the version adjourned in the 1955 of the AR51, with motor piú powerful, and new military preparation with bumper tall piú and without the old ones wand arrows; You condition general excellent for a car of this type; Complete, all original, doesn't introduce rust; admitted in the '74, revised to October 2017, confirmed 6 places; Anterior seats, back…
    ID: 266753 | 29/10/2017 | Marino Rating: 0
  • Lance Aurelia B21S,1951, her before with guide to Sx restructured in her/it < span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  mechanics, in the body shop and in the insides, confirmed ASI and FIVA military green color, same vent owner?years, conditions excellent ? 42000 tractable cell 3487331158 sansonifranco@alice.its
    ID: 266684 | 25/10/2017 | Franco Rating: 0
  • Exchange pieces of my beautiful collection of long, short, working white arms of various types (especially former ordinance) with motorcycles (even non-vintage) and vintage cars of my liking or even with just a wheelchair to be mounted on Guzzi Falcone motorcycles Tourism, or V50, or T5. The possession of the legal title required for arms is binding. The exchange will take place for the same value. For the exchange I also have a nice collection of radio broadcasting civil, military and auto-motoveicolari Police starting from the 30s,…
    ID: 266316 | 15/10/2017 | Rossano Rating: 0
  • To 59 cabrios referred motor tapestry new new rubbers completely revisrevisionata and solo from To repaint
    ID: 265481 | 31/08/2017 | Rating: 1
  • I Sell Motion you Quiver New Falcon of 1971 Ex Manages Italian with as soon as 1500 KM perfectly restored with attached plate gold ASI. The motorbike à working ¨ perfectly and equipped of all the documents with new plates ready for passage of proprietà and for the following one circulation. the motorbike à ¨ restores according to the canons of the originalità. For contacts and information to contact streets e-mail to or to The motorbike sarà possible to see her/it near the…
    ID: 265207 | 24/08/2017 | Davide Rating: 0
  • military Tricycle Alpen 3MTA90 as new halt 1.05 mt, lungh. 1.45 mt, largh. 1.14 mt For contacts 3357770083 - 0815551564 - 3342106719
    ID: 263426 | 12/07/2017 | Giuseppe Rating: 1
  • Renault 4 Tls 850 of 1986 a lot beautiful. Just restored. You condition general excellent. Repainted green military opaque, new funds, gaskets counters replaced. Motor affixes, good insides, rubbers 100%.
    ID: 262279 | 18/06/2017 | niccolo Rating: 0


    Rare Montesa H7militare of the Watch of Civil Seprona (earth's army) with little Km, perfect conditions, rubbers 90%, no barters, disponibilità test.
    ID: 261166 | 25/05/2017 | Luca Rating: 0
  • Splendid Royal Enfield, year 1942, motor from 125cc and it strikes gold metallizzato, as from tradition. Not à ¨ perfectly enrolled in the register and à working ¨.  Professional restauration, military parachuted in the second world war, 8 samples in Italy. The motorbike à ¨ delivered home. Inclusive transport in the price. You can view the motorbike and other motorbikes looking for on "vecchioebello".
    ID: 260922 | 21/05/2017 | Paolo Rating: 1
  • Splendid Royal Enfield, year 1942, motor from 125cc and it strikes gold metallizzato, as from tradition. Not à ¨ perfectly enrolled in the register and à working ¨.  Professional restauration, military parachuted in the second world war, 8 samples in Italy. The motorbike à ¨ delivered home. Inclusive transport in the price. You can view the motorbike and other motorbikes looking for on "vecchioebello".
    ID: 260538 | 15/05/2017 | Paolo Rating: 1
  • White 50 0 M


    White 500 M41s (version managed war Albania) biposto, good conditions with total restauration of body shop and motor. Motion years forty, motor four times to side valves, change three marches, maximum power cv 9, weight monoposto 170 kg biposto 178 kg, capacità reservoir 12 liters. L motion à ¨ is admitted in July 1948 for deprived use and à ¨ regularly actually revised to 1952, as from official book. The Whites not à ¨ enrolled in any historical register To the moment the motorbike does it departs of an important private…
    ID: 260400 | 11/05/2017 | Luca Rating: 0
  • Year 1961, ex manages Italian, admitted, all original, splendid conditions.
    ID: 259420 | 21/04/2017 | Supermotors Garage Rating: 5
  • Splendid Royal Enfield, year 1942, motor from 125cc and it strikes gold metallizzato, as from tradition. Not à ¨ perfectly enrolled in the register and à working ¨.  Professional restauration, military parachuted in the second world war, 8 samples in Italy. The motorbike à ¨ delivered home. Inclusive transport in the price. You can view the motorbike and other motorbikes looking for on "vecchioebello".
    ID: 259202 | 17/04/2017 | Paolo Rating: 1
  • As from announcement, I sell one beautiful motion White MT 61 military coming from the office of the defense, 350 ccs 4 times. Admitted in 1976, completely original. It has snow chains and key of assemblage. The siren à ¨ all now working. I also sell Gilera Saturno 500 Sports and Gino Bartali 160 Sports. All and three the motorbikes together I surrender her for?20.000. For further information and to view the motorbike to contact the followings numbers: Walter Burrini 3357173632 or 0554218838
    ID: 258639 | 07/04/2017 | Arianna Rating: 0
  • I Sell for inutilizzo country Fiat AR 55 as from photo, demolita.versione with a big alternator and a centralina on the in general dx. Complete mechanics (change Differential, motor etc) for other information Tel 3206432683
    ID: 257973 | 25/03/2017 | Nino Rating: 0
  • I Sell pulmino Fiat 900 year 1986 seven places coming from auction military therefore ritargato and with new book of circulation.The mean it quietly circulates. naturally à ¨ a maintained not a restored then it has some defects that don't jeopardize the circulation and to discretion of the buyer you/they can be eliminated. I don't absolutely want him/it to undersell but I must give him/it away for passage to other auto of epoch therefore on the price him può to treat. but naturally of person after having seen the mean... useless…
    ID: 257056 | 10/03/2017 | Emanuele Rating: 0
  • I Sell with sorrow automobile to you pedal Jordan AUTOSPORT Militare, From Collection ANNI50/6O color green, inclusive rifle mitragliatore the can, all a lot of rare. Tractable price. Franco T.3462101823
    ID: 256589 | 01/03/2017 | ELENA Rating: 0
  • Fiat 1949 639 Ns. The truck has the integral traction inseribile, à working ¨ perfectly and complete of all of his/her original parts. And' a very rare model poichà ¨ built for a weary of time reduced of solos two years. You/he/she was replaced then in the '52 with other model of pià ¹ long and ample production. The model that I propose à preserved ¨, always kept to the closed one doesn't introduce problems of rust but a beautiful & quot;patina of the tempo" what him it winds. It has a particular livery in how much, as it often…
    ID: 255497 | 18/02/2017 | Angelo Rating: 0
  • Land Rover Defender 88 Half-Tons or Lightweight Special version in endowment to the British army 1/2 Ton. Year of construction 1979 Year of registration 1987 Enrolled To.S.The. with n° register 292074 of the 21.12.2009 Capacity 2280 4 cylinders Cv. 76 Feeding gasoline / GPL with reservoir from Lt.55 4 Xs 4 integral Traction inseribile + marches redoubts (unstoppable) I change manual 4 marches Version truck with three places Good fuoristrada, marching and working. It originates from private collection.…
    ID: 254705 | 09/02/2017 | Raul Rating: 0
  • I sell Milks Diesel Confirmed Documents in order from passage, regularly confirmed with motor Volkswagen 1600 Diesel Sweaters to book. Vehicle ex military, working and complete, of easy restauration. Available various exchanges European 3000 telephone 3381484841
    ID: 251634 | 20/12/2016 | Francis Rating: 1
  • Beautiful sample under perfect conditions mechanics and ciclistiche, professionally restored in 2009 and from them preserved with maniacal care, affiliate ASI Targa Gold, next motion to turn 100 years old, survived to 2 wars all original. OF 1914 the Model H (done derive by the model Type A) is introduced with primary transmission to chain (final always to strap), manual transmission to three rotten produced by Sturmey-Archer to contralbero, motor 550cc units that, united to the friction multidisco and all?starting…
    ID: 250133 | 30/11/2016 | Damiano Rating: 2