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  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1300 just completely restored. New engine revised and certified by an expert staff at an official Alfa Romeo workshop. New tank, all-new braking system, all-new interior upholstery including the sky, new tires and repainted rims. Revision of the law carried out on 24/04/2018. Tow hook of the homologated epoch. Original plate Rieti black square.
    ID: 283610 | 21/01/2019 | Alberto Rating: 5 | Roma
  • 1991 saw the European debut of the third series of Golf, welcomed with an immediate success with the public and critics, to the point of being able to earn the coveted Auto award of the year in 1992. The aesthetics, was updated to the canons of epoch, with an obvious modification in the front, much more rounded and equipped with headlights enclosed in an oblong shell. In 1993 there was the re-edition of the Cabriolet. He went to replace the cabrio version of the first series, produced continuously since 1979 until then, because,…
    ID: 282463 | 14/12/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • In March 1968, exactly three years after the launch of the Fiat "850 Spider", the Turin-based company presented the Fiat "850 Sport Spider". Thus the second series of the now popular "Spiderina" was born. It was the last success of "all behind". The new line, which is always elegant and harmonious, and some improvements in the preparation, renewed its commercial success. The degree of finish of the car was improved. With the new powerful and elastic 903 cc displacement engine, driving the car became even more enjoyable. In…
    ID: 281386 | 19/11/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • DREAMING THE FERRARI The EPOPEA of small GT could rightly be subtitled: "run dreaming Ferrari". It is not even a way of saying, because some gentleman-drivers who competed with the Abarth GTs then moved on to the Prancing Horse cars. With these cars Abarth manages to reach high levels both in terms of style refinement and performance. The development of this GT is due to the development of a twin-engine engine designed by the designer Gioachino Colombo already known for links with other major brands. It remains…
    ID: 280107 | 18/10/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • Vignale is ¨ one among the piiss important ¹ Italian carrozzieri. Defined €.l €.uomo that carved l €.acciaio € , its success is owed a lot Michelotti that collaboris² to the designer with him up to 1961. Appreciated by the clientele Vip that made him realize exemplary only of Ferrari, to the beginnings of the years €. 50, Vignale, allargis² the look toward the cars piis ¹ notes to the public to realize special and only versions in the style €.Vignale €. It was cosis ¬ that after l €.uscita of one of the cars, you destines to the middle class,…
    ID: 279587 | 05/10/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • You Special Series €.Naxos €  is ¨ is produced in alone 1967 exemplary. In the stupendous blue jag 789, this car of November 2001 belongs to the second series, recognizable from the back chest with the third stop drawn by Peter Fassbender. To depart from this version is used ¨ the new coat of arms blue Fiat round surrounded by her/it d €.alloro crowns. The price of sale was of 19.620 European (around 38.000.000 of liras). Optional of series: I install stereo brand Kenwood with autoradio RDS / EON, reader for musical CD and…
    ID: 278433 | 04/09/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • Rare Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint first series with plates and original documents (also complementary sheet), with use and maintenance booklet, coupon booklet, double keys, sticker and key ring of the historic and oldest Alfa Romeo dealership in Brescia, Romano. The car was purchased in 1978 by a then young 26-year-old mechanic from the Brescia area, keen alfist for the figure of 5,660,000 lire, a price that included the watch and the alloy wheels (5) a thousand lines with wide tires in the equipment 165/70 SR 13. The car was…
    ID: 281798 | 29/11/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • recognizable 2001 Car from the back chest with the third stop drawn by Peter Fassbender. 75000 Km original and two only owners. Endowed with his/her profit Hard Top, that makes her/it enjoyable also in the winter season. The Fiat Small boat is ¨ a car compact, amusing and pleasant to also use every day, obviously opened in the beautiful season. Just performed cutting complete with substitution strap distribution and applied updating (anticipated from Fiat) for the reduction of the sound of the variatore of phase. Ready, with…
    ID: 269080 | 12/01/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • Giannini Automobiles S.p.To. à ¨ one Italian auto house, founded in 1920 by his/her/their brothers Attilio and Domenico Giannini. It still has center to Rome and à ¨ one of the rare firms in attività. The cars elaborated by Giannini have characterized in the years '60, '70 and also '80, the competitions reserved to the elaborate cars. In the years '60 were characteristic the rivalità of the so many version elaborated of the 500 Giannini with the cars Abarth. After the second metà of the years?80 were taken the decision of to…
    ID: 260706 | 17/05/2017 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • You Fiat 124 Sports Spider came done introduce dell to the Saloon?Automobile in Turin in November of 1966. Work of eclectic Tom Tjaarda designer, that has left each other, unfortunately, in June 2017, does the line take I sprout, particularly in the tail, from a?other car of Tom, the Chevrolet Corvette Swallow. The Fiat 124 Sports Spider came directly realized by the Pininfarina. The car that we propose à ¨ one of the first 1000 produced (loom 759) and à ¨ is admitted in January of 1967. Endowed with his/her original motor,…
    ID: 266521 | 10/01/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • Preserved car under good conditions. Car equipped of his/her book use and maintenance and book of the coupons of which the last one performed in September 2015 to 58.000 Km. Conditions equal to the new one. Elegance and sportivita in an only car. Further information on application.
    ID: 249037 | 23/01/2017 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • All unique and valuable things must be celebrated. The new Fiat 124 Spider is certainly one of these. Splendid FIAT 124 SPYDER 1.4 M.AIR 140 HP TOP LUXURY, July 2016, in particular light blue Italian color, combined with an elegant champagne leather interior. Unique owner car, full optional, with an original 37269 km. Possibility of exchange with a thirty-year-old car.
    ID: 282995 | 05/01/2019 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • Triumph tr3a


    Year 1958., Total restoration years ago, everything works very well., Little negotiable price
    ID: 283065 | 09/01/2019 | Paolo Rating: 1 | Empoli


  • I sell whole collection of vintage cars, even single units. The cars are all in perfect working order, complete with MCTC Audit and Motor TPL insurance. This is: Lancia Augusta custom-built single-seat saloon car in the world fitted ASIA homologated Farina gold plate 1935 (Euro 80000), very rare Porsche Speedster Turbo Look year 1989 ASI (Euro 220000), Jaguar XJ6 4.2 third year of the year 1979 ASI (Euro 11000) , Fiat 1100/103 trunk first series year 1955 (Euro 15000), Lancia Appia second series ASI year 1957 (Euro 16500), Fiat…
    ID: 239876 | 12/01/2018 | Aldo Rating: 5
  • Link Motors Pavia offers Fiat 500 F. Package L exterior, 1969 cars, 65,000 km, 13 Kw, displacement 499.5, manual transmission, original white color, red leather interior, sunroof, bumper version "L", four places. Preserved car, ordinary maintenance always performed. 2 previous owners. To be tagged, tires to be replaced. Stop for 4 years, current photos. good general condition. Available for any trial. Vehicle viewable BY APPOINTMENT Negotiable price during the negotiation phase. Financing for 12-84 months…
    ID: 283593 | 21/01/2019 | Link Motors Pavia Rating: 5 | Cava Manara
  • We offer for sale on private account the vintage car FIAT 500 GIARDINIERA of 1976 INSERT ASI with DOCUMENTS AND ORIGINAL PLATES and HOOK TOWARD HOMOLOGATED. This version that today we will call familiar adopts the same body of the sedan until the end of the front doors, then also with opening upwind, and then stretches to the rear with a more squared shape. In place of the engine bonnet there is the tailgate hinged to the side and opened like a door. The rear windows are rectangular and sliding.…
    ID: 283600 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS BARI Rating: 3 | Bari
  • We offer for sale on behalf of private this FIAT 500 L registered in NOVEMBER 1966 WITH ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS AND PLATES and ASI INSERT. The car in question is presented with a PERFECTLY MARCING MOTOR that has traveled approximately 78000 km and with REGULAR REVIEW. Leather interior IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, to signal only a slit on the front right seat at the bottom. Bodywork to repaint, FUNDS IN GOOD CONDITION, there are signs of rust on the rims, muffler and on the chrome of the…
    ID: 283592 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS BARI Rating: 3 | Bari
  • We offer for sale Fiat 500 BLU in excellent condition outside and inside. Maintenance carried out: RESTORATION OF COMPLETE BODYWORK. MECHANICAL PARTS: 2018 New ant-post brakes Overhauled Fuselli New clutch New distribution New battery Starter motor and dynamo overhauled. LINK MOTORS - VITERBO Address: Via Augusto Gargana, 21A 01100 Viterbo (Viterbo) Addresses: Tel. 07611570503 - Cell. 3351609269 Email: Hours: Mon-Sat 10.00 -…
    ID: 283598 | 21/01/2019 | giancarlo Rating: 3 | Viterbo
  • Duetto Alfa Romeo 1.3 (homologated four places) year 1973 black color with beige interior in good condition of originality - the car has been recently repainted with total paint stripping on sheet metal - mechanically in order only needs some repairs to the bodywork.
    ID: 283611 | 21/01/2019 | Alfredo Rating: 5 | Pistoia
  • Totally restored and fully documented restoration through photos and videos, this Fiat 500 L has a new engine, synchronized gearbox and completely redesigned bodywork with new funds, rears and mudguards by expert coachbuilders from Turin. Front disc brakes and sports suspension. Any permutations with Maggiolino or Maggiolone are evaluated. viewable ON APPOINTMENT. Services offered by TORINO Link Agency -Financing for 12-84 months. - Failure warranty can be activated on request 12-36 months. -…
    ID: 283601 | 21/01/2019 | LINKMOTORS Rating: 5 | San Maurizio Canavese
  • Completely restored vehicle, plates and documents of first registration. 34 HP 843 engine.
    ID: 283618 | 21/01/2019 | Giancarlo Rating: 5 | Corciano
    ID: 283615 | 21/01/2019 | Limo's rent Rating: 5 | Pistoia
  • MATCHING NUMBERS POSSIBLE NATIONAL AND FOREIGN SHIPPING CONDITIONS: EXCELLENT PRESERVED 100GS MOTOR ORIGINAL RESTORED TOTALLY THE SMALL GRINDOSA OF BERTONE: a car that has made the history of the automobile and the costume with also important participations on the film sets. We propose a Spider 850 of 66 with 80755 km original, pretty and full of panache, released in March 1965 goes to complete the range of cars & quot; 850 & quot; of Fiat. This sporty version, due…
    ID: 283602 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5 | Palermo
  • SINGLE-OWNER LAST PRICE POSSIBLE NATIONAL AND FOREIGN SHIPPING NO PREMUTS - NO EXCHANGES CONDITIONS: RESTORED NEVER RESTORED - VIDEO VEHICLE ON AVAILABLE REGULAR ORDINARY MAINTENANCE - EFFICIENT ENGINE - 12 volt system * * Original 6 volt plant available We offer a 'unobtainable VW' Type 3 - Mod 311 ', in the' Notchback 'version (2-door sedan), better known as' VW 1500', from 1963 with 42380 km to the speedometer made by ONE OWNER. The vehicle is…
    ID: 283599 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5 | Palermo
  • * Italian Register Triumph Spitfire MATCHING NUMBERS POSSIBLE NATIONAL AND FOREIGN SHIPPING CONDITIONS: EXCELLENT PRESERVED REGULAR ORDINARY MAINTENANCE We propose a best seller among the most popular spiders of the 60s with 52560 km ORIGINALS, English legend with four wheels, called Spitfire 4 in honor of both the English combat aircraft protagonist of the Second World War and the splitting of the engine. The proposed car is in conditions of EXCELLENT PRESERVED,…
    ID: 283603 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5 | Palermo
  • Ferrari 328 GTS: The desire of yesterday's entrepreneurs the dream of the collectors / investors becomes of today. Does it initial her 328 it referred to the capacity or 3.2 and the number?8? it symbolized the cylinders. GTS?BIG TOURISM SPIDER?6068 have been the Ferraris 328 produced GTS and à ¨ l?last car of the series to two places with a motor Inhaled transversal V8. You/he/she was always drawn by Leonardo Fioravanti for Pininfarina, in the moment in which Managing director of the was become new società Pinifarina…
    ID: 266277 | 10/01/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • Car with plates and documents original, attested of registration ASI, può to be enrolled to the Thousand Miles Historical. The history of this sample of the car that Italy has motorized, it starts in 1956, when three sisters (single woman): Margherita (class 1922), Caterina (class 1925) and Ann (class 1934), decide to take all three the licence and to buy him the new Fiat 600 that you/he/she is making proselytes among the new motorists and not only. They have a small barn in the province of Wedge where they work and they live.…
    ID: 266191 | 18/09/2017 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • & quot;Presentare the Volkswagen à ¨ perhaps useless, perchà © the majority of the Italian motorists knows of it the characteristic outline. .. The VW à ¨ the car foreign pià ¹ spread in Italy. In the year in progress (1961), our Service Studies and Experiences it has effected a test on the new model both perchà © it à ¨ notably improved in comparison to that of 1956, both for the vast interest that the VW you/he/she has assumed in the meantime on our market, being sold in Italy to today 300.000 liras less than the price of five years…
    ID: 264097 | 10/01/2018 | Carlo Rating: 5
  • You Ferrari 365 GT4s 2+2 à ¨ one car had produced since 1972 to 1976 in alone 521 exemplary of which 3 prototypes and 109 with the guide to the right. Car wanted by Enzo Ferrari that he/she saw in this model the sporting (then to two doors) flagship of the Foal Rampant. The 365 GT4 à ¨ the big tourism in evening suit. A Ferrari with a elegant classicism whose magnetism strikes only the connoisseurs pià ¹ experienced: in fact it has this rare and precious gift to leave indifferent all those that beauty distinguishes only when this…
    ID: 258292 | 31/03/2017 | Carlo Rating: 5 | Brescia
  • CONDITIONS: EXCELLENT ORDINARY MAINTENANCE ADJUST TO NEED We offer the FIRST front-wheel drive Honda minicar with motorcycle-derived powertrain (Maximum speed: 115 km / h): an N360 with 96593 original kilometers. A mini car, whose excellent performance and excellent overall economy, made this car a bestseller, already in 1967. The bodywork of this vehicle in very good conditions, very minimal physiological imperfections. The interior has been replaced and therefore perfect. Mechanically, the small but…
    ID: 283591 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5 | Palermo
  • LIKE NEW CONDITIONS: EXCELLENT FIRST PAINT - RARE ROOF IN VINYL REGULAR ORDINARY MAINTENANCE IN TIME We offer a GT of great class and strong character, a car dedicated to fans of the brand: here the? Jaguarit? pushed to the extreme limit of ability to adapt gear, performance, visual joy, tactile and personality. With a 5.3 liter and 287 hp V12 HE (High Efficiency) engine, high efficiency to improve fuel consumption, the car presented (XJ-S HE as it was called), was the fastest automatic…
    ID: 283590 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5 | Palermo


    EVALUATION PERMUTS WITH CAR OR MOTO TWENTY-YEARS OF MY GRADE OR MOTO D'EPOCA (HONDA 500 FOUR) I sell alfa romeo gtv 2000 JTS year 2003 in good condition with 100.000 km assets. - The distribution belt, the water pump and the service belt have been replaced at 54.000Km. - The car mounts Eibach springs kit -3cm (I also supply the original springs); 16mm spacers; Spark exhaust terminal; pionner front and rear audio speakers. - I deliver the car coupon; revised in October 2017; With rear brake pads and…
    ID: 283588 | 21/01/2019 | matteo Rating: 0 | San Donà Di Piave
  • (English text below)  An icon for car lovers in the '80s and' 90s: a "youngtimer" for traveling in the open air with the whole family. This Saab 900 Turbo 16 valve Cabriolet was withdrawn by the first and only owner at the Saab dealership in Bologna on December 21st, 1988. The car, black with a black hood and gray leather interior, covered 140,000 kilometers in 30 years; the Saab Cabrio was proposed on the market with a standard equipment already very rich including: electrohydraulic hood, power steering, air conditioning,…
    ID: 283587 | 21/01/2019 | Enrico Rating: 2 | Bologna
  • Collectible cars for real connoisseurs, perfect conditions, totally overhauled mechanics, demonstrable with photo book, work performed by an important trainer, only owner, original plates and booklet, brochures, use and maintenance booklets, original bill of the 80s when the car was bought new, double train of tires and rims, original radio, etc. etc., ready to use. for info 393452575099 Alessandro
    ID: 283586 | 21/01/2019 | alex Rating: 0 | Firenze
  • Morris minor


    Morris Minor, restoration just finished, repainted and healed, new hood, new tires, new muffler, good and reliable mechanics, beautiful and elegant, registered ASI with CRS, matriculation in progress. I examine any trade-in with vintage cars, MG Triumph Morgan, convertible spiders convertible cabrio coupe 'or vintage motorcycle of my liking. Please avoid messages and use the phone.
    ID: 283580 | 21/01/2019 | mariano Rating: 1 | Foggia
  • Fiat 500 L year 1971. Original booklet, registered ASI, revised until September 2020. Tagged mechanics, engine in order, controlled and registered brakes. Perfect bodywork, no rust, controlled and polished in the bodywork in October 2018. Rubberized. Original black interior, black carpet. Marking car, in tourist use.
    ID: 283577 | 21/01/2019 | Damiano Rating: 0
  • a 112 abarth


    I sell 112 abarth gr A with booklet documents and complementary sheet with numerous spare parts technical passport updated not email only cont. tel.329 / 6826790 Maurizio
    ID: 283575 | 21/01/2019 | vale Rating: 2 | Lecce
  • Impeccable condition, never damaged internal like new, mechanics prepared from A to Z .. (for info on general mechanics call and will be listed and explained all) registered ASI original license plates 17 inch rims to new tires. Only competent people do not waste time just calls no mail 3393047224
    ID: 283573 | 21/01/2019 | Fabio Rating: 0 | Monza
  • I sell wonderful Fiat 850 Spider Bertone first series of 1966. Maniacal restoration, super price. Km 33100. Refrain wasters.
    ID: 283568 | 21/01/2019 | Enrico Rating: 0
  • I sell Autobianchi A112 Abarth 58 CV 1st series, year 1972, red and black, good general conditions, registered ASI, documents and original plates. CONTACT ONLY TELEPHONE.
    ID: 283569 | 21/01/2019 | Massimo Rating: 5 | Bra
  • PRIVATE VEHICLE NO PERMUTE We offer for sale this icon of the past, nicknamed at the time as & quot; Cinquino & quot ;, held by a true amateur completely restored with original systems and with all original spare parts of the time. Original car radio. Original interior. Also available exhaust and steering wheel always original. Registered ASI TARGA ORO. practically perfect both for bodywork and mechanics. 650 engine balanced by FREN NAZZARENO 60-70 race car mechanic. All the technical documentation, maintenance and…
    ID: 283567 | 21/01/2019 | LINKMOTORS Rating: 5 | San Maurizio Canavese
  • Sellsithport: Fiat 1100 E, year 1950, license plate and original documents MAINTENANCE: perfect base of body restoration, perfect engine rectified new. 12V system, clutch and new spark plugs. DEFECTS: upholstery to be reviewed. Vehicle viewable BY APPOINTMENT Negotiable price during the negotiation phase.   Bureaucracy Management and Property Transfer Link Motors Personal Assistance High resolution photos on the Link Motors website
    ID: 283566 | 21/01/2019 | LINK Rating: 5 | Collazzone
  • Link motors Lamezia proposes Fiat 127 1050 3 Doors CL - CONSERVED - of 1980 with 110000km; THE CAR IN CONSERVATIVE STATE. Negotiable price during negotiation. Vehicle Proposed by Link Motors Lamezia only on Appointment. High resolution photos on our Link Motors website. POSSIBLE NATIONAL AND FOREIGN SHIPPING POSSIBLE PAYMENT RATEIZED
    ID: 283563 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS LAMEZIA Rating: 5 | Lamezia Terme
  • Sells for - Alfa Romeo 2000 At the beginning of the '70s, Alfa Romeo presented the highly successful version 2000 of the car, previously marketed as 1750. It is a well-known operation to enter the European displacement of the "two liters"; where BMW and Lancia were performing well. The differences compared to the previous car concerned the introduction of the self-locking differential and the interior, decidedly improved in the shape of the seats and in the bill of upholstery and upholstery. The instrumentation with…
    ID: 283546 | 21/01/2019 | Link Motors Roma Rating: 5 | Roma
  • Sells Fiat 500L 695 Abarth set-up We propose a 500L specimen of 1970 perfectly preserved and elaborated in the extremely bright Abarth 695 version. The engine is that of 126 increased to 700cm, the synchronized gearbox and axle shafts are increased. FIAT original alloy wheels. MAINTENANCE: the car has performed routine maintenance on time. Last coupon made in August 2018 at the same time as the revision. DEFECTS: no defects to highlight. Vehicle viewable BY APPOINTMENT…
    ID: 283561 | 21/01/2019 | Link Motors Roma Rating: 5 | Roma
  • Sells Proposal - Fiat Balilla 508B from 1935 The Fiat Balilla is a car presented by the Torinese house for the first time in 1932 at the Milan motor show. The first model was equipped with a four-cylinder in-line engine of 995 cm displacement with a power of about 20 hp and had three gears. In 1934 the 508B model was built with four gears. La Balilla marks the beginning of the era of mass motorization in Italy. MAINTENANCE: the car is in excellent condition of interior and bodywork. Performed routine checks and…
    ID: 283560 | 21/01/2019 | Link Motors Roma Rating: 5 | Roma
  • RARE VEHICLE - MATCHING NUMBERS SOME SPARE PARTS INCLUDED CONDITIONS: EXCELLENT PRESERVED - FIRST PAINT EFFICIENT MECHANICS - ORDINARY AND EXTRAORDINARY MAINTENANCE PUNTUAL VIDEO VEHICLE ON AVAILABLE We offer a rare Corolla coupe 'KE25 in SL (Luxury Sport) from 1166cc equipped with DOUBLE TWIN CARBURETOR' AISIN 'with compression ratio 10: 1. The vehicle is in excellent preserved condition of FIRST PAINT (authentic with' MATCHING NUMBERS 'verifiable)…
    ID: 283559 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS Rating: 5 | Palermo
  • Recaro seats from ASN numbered series, negotiable price
    ID: 283557 | 21/01/2019 | Francesco Rating: 0 | Conegliano
  • Sells Proposition: Fiat 126 A Berlina MAINTENANCE: Interior completely restored, repainted with original color. Original fully functional engine. The coil and the battery have been changed. Original but new headlights and arrows. DEFECTS: nothing to highlight. Vehicle viewable BY APPOINTMENT Negotiable price during the negotiation phase. Bureaucracy Management and Property Transfer Link Motors Personal Assistance Small exchanges are evaluated High resolution photos on the Link…
    ID: 283554 | 21/01/2019 | LINK Rating: 5 | Collazzone
  • We offer for sale this beautiful ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GTV 2000 of private 1982 with ORIGINAL TARGES.The car always kept in a box covered with a protective sheet is registered with the REGISTRO STORICO ITALIAN (ASI) with the necessary certificate, has accessories such as AIR CONDITIONING, WINDOWS AND ELECTRIC MIRRORS. ENGINE: Completely refurbished, has traveled about 16000 km. Performance from real sports with its 130 horses, perfectly marching, clutch battery and brakes in good condition.…
    ID: 283553 | 21/01/2019 | LINK MOTORS BARI Rating: 3 | Bari