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  • For sale Sportivissima Car - PROTOTYPE (Remake) of the LAMBORGHINI model Diablo - of the GMC General Motors Fiero GT - First registration 1988 - Re-registered in 2014 Pontiac Fiero V6 engine - 12 valves - 2.8 cc - 101 kw Goalkeeper at Ali di Gabbiano - The car has been in working order but has been stationary for several years so it must be revisited - ditto the bodywork therefore the car is sold as it is. I apologize for the images that currently present a "dirty" car - soon they will be replaced with a well washed…
    ID: 303045 | 30/07/2020 | Vigevano | anna Rating: 0
  • For sale due to replacement with sports model the 2 front seats of the SEAT Leon year 2017 - NEW - Fabrics intact and perfectly functional mechanics for any information contact me also wapp the displayed price refers to each. - seat in bulk the price is 250
    ID: 303001 | 29/07/2020 | Vigevano | anna Rating: 0
  • For sale VW New Beetle 9C first registration May 2003 - diesel 1900cc - 66kw Car with perfect engine - Clutch to be redone because it detaches at the bottom but the car can travel safely Saddlery as in the photo - good except for the driver's side ... the rest is perfect km 270 thousand As you can see from the photos, the car has been CUSTOMIZED - very suitable for those who have to advertise Location Musica Live, perhaps by parking it outside as a scenic reference ...
    ID: 302836 | 24/07/2020 | Vigevano | anna Rating: 0
  • For sale Chrysler Stratus CABRIO of 1997 PERFECT in all its mechanical and electronic functions - Air conditioning OK Manual transmission - 2000 Petrol - KW 96 CAPOTE with small cut on SEWED roof - Driver's seat with worn leather Documents OK for transfer Contact me for any vision and test, the car is located in Vigevano
    ID: 302798 | 24/07/2020 | Vigevano | anna Rating: 0