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  • Set 4 look for in league original Porsche, for 996 C4Ss and do I Upset, done offer as optional on these models as?GT3 look wheels?. The brought codes are 996.362.142.02 / 11J xes 18 H2s? ET45 (back) and 996.362.136.02 / 8J xes 18 H2s? ET50 (anterior). Apart a pair of superficial abrasions on a pair of you look for, they are introduced under good conditions and without barrel or bruises. European 1.500,00 not tractable. Shipping and handling for European Italy 4000. Abroad (alone EU) European 7000. Stephen tel. xxxxx
    ID: 211730 | 02/03/2015 | Stefano Rating: 0