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  • Jaguar XJ6 4.2 1981, ASI+CRS, next to homologation asi registers gold, change manual, (any boredom unlike the press fastener) inside black skin Original, auto under conditions equal to the new one, The Photos Speak alone, 2 only owners in 32 years, the first one from the 81 to the '93 and the second from 93 to today. 144.000 Original km, in the last 20 years you/he/she has only crossed 8500 km. Auto Under Conditions From Museum, not a drop of oil to earth, original Spare wheel Everything still, Work! Working conditioned air,…
    ID: 211484 | 27/02/2015 | Stefano Rating: 0
  • Mercedes BENZ 500 SEC c126, ASI+CRS, next to Homologation it Registers Gold under conditions to a little Excellent dir, the photos speak clear, motorized spar, radio original Grundig, matching number, loom, number motor, number automatic change, verified in Mercedes, they correspond to those of origin, excellent price for the quality and the conditions of the auto, quotation in strong rise, the perfume of the skin still feels him, any test, certified km, use and maintenance, double keys, card order present Mercedes (where all…
    ID: 211483 | 26/02/2015 | Stefano Rating: 0