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  • RD 350 2UA historical original and preserved. Revised mechanics, aesthetic to be reviewed. Tires and single post. new, redone carburetors.   ASI and FMI certified.
    ID: 287997 | 10/05/2019 | Modena | Roberto Rating: 0
  • Perfect. Completely original excluding the new and not invasive BRC LPG system (avoids the traffic block, 11km liter ....). 73,000 km, work invoices, double keys, all booklets, original cassette radio and more of the next model with CD. Historical in less than two years. I sell for family reasons. No exchanges, price not negotiable.
    ID: 282726 | 21/12/2018 | Modena | Roberto Rating: 0
  • Auto under that cannot be found conditions.Certified of originality Porsche, as gone out of the house. Preserved, original aerokit (spoiler ant. and post.), pneumatic 90% original measure rare, any test. Possible partial barter with 944 I upset.
    ID: 174428 | 07/03/2013 | Roberto Rating: 0