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  • booklet in mint condition, rare German edition, suitable for the first series. I can ship all over the world
    ID: 297567 | 11/02/2020 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0
  • use and maintenance manual alfasud ti First series, True rarity as German edition. Excellent condition, absolutely flawless. Bargain price
    ID: 295923 | 26/12/2019 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0
  • Car Uniproprietario in like new condition, never damaged and kept in an absolute state of originality. This is the very rare Jean Ragnotti version produced in 172 specimens, not to be found in Italy. Sold new to Rieti by official dealership. Very accurate maintenance, destruction, water pump, new shock absorbers. Yokohama km 0 tires, cutting just done. For the sake of clarity, I would like to clarify that since the car is a special version it lacks almost all the superfluous, namely: No air conditioning, No ABS, No leather interior,…
    ID: 295753 | 18/12/2019 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0
  • 1995, Car like new, 115,000 km original Mercedes coupons, immaculate with bodywork and interiors, perfect mechanics, new 0 km tires, absolutely full optionals, original documents and plates, coupons and triple keys booklet. Price is not negotiable
    ID: 295752 | 18/12/2019 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0
  • Uniproprietario car in amazing conditions, year 1997, bodywork, interiors like new, perfect mechanics regularly checked at the official network, many mechanical jobs just performed, new fuel pump and float, 3000 km tires, black leather interior without a flaw, automatic climate control fully functional, absolutely reliable even on long journeys, has just returned from a trip to Paris without any problem. Usable daily. It is not the classic worn-out scrap of € 1000. If you want to spend little, do not call. Thanks.
    ID: 295681 | 16/12/2019 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0
  • AlfaRomeo technical drawings from the late 1920s to the 158/159 F1 of the 1950s. In total, there are 67 pieces, all well preserved. They come from the old Portello factory before its demolition. I can sell individually but a large discount applies in bulk.
    ID: 295680 | 16/12/2019 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0
  • Under good conditions, interesting price
    ID: 281115 | 12/11/2018 | Milano | Davide Rating: 0