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  • Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Gr.4 Year 1982 Italian documents Italian plate Km 23.892 This Renault 5 Maxi Turbo was part of the Team Scuderie Astigiana Corse and Scuderia Draghi Rossi, he raced in the Italian Championship and in competitions such as Rally Città d'Asti, Rally Città di Torino, and the Rally 333 minutes with the driver Gianni Cappellino (known driver Italian who also raced with Lancia 037 Rally, Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth). Car with specification Gr.4, engine with about 270 HP, was fully…
    ID: 288505 | 21/05/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • BMW 327 Cabriolet


    BMW 327 Cabriolet August 1938 Matching numbers BMW Classic Certificate ASI registered Car in very good condition Completely restored First registration in Germany, and registered in Italy in December 2008 Km 20,757 Power 40kw / 50CV Italian documents Italian plate The BMW 327 is a high-end car produced from 1937 to 1941 (by the Bayerische Motoren Werke), in the Coupé and Cabriolet body variants. The latter was the first version to be introduced in 1937, and often fairings were used on the rear wheel…
    ID: 288468 | 20/05/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5
  • RollsRoyce 20/25 Limousine Six Light by Thrupp & Maberly Year 1935 Drive on the right Asi Gold Plate Car registered in Italy in 1999 Italian plate European version, and still present the original Irish plate. Engine 6 Cylinders in line, 3699cc displacement Exterior color black and ivory. Brown leather interior. The bodywork, the wooden parts and the leather interior have been restored a few years. Change overhauled. Last works performed, specific maintenance and replacement of rear axle shaft.
    ID: 286796 | 07/04/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • Porsche 964 Carrera 2 - Mechanics restored! First year registration 1992 (Austria) Registered in Italy in 1997 Car registered ASI - - from 2012 Automobile with 77,000km original (the kilometer count indicates about 87,000km, because it was replaced with a used model. It was changed during the works, carried out by the Porsche workshop in April 2017. The invoice for the Porsche works of April 2017 , indicates 69.015 km) Frame WP0ZZZ96ZNS402554 Front cover No. 44493 Rear hood No. 4493…
    ID: 286384 | 28/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • FULVIA RALLY 1.3 HF Matching numbers Year 1967 4.000km Re-registered in 1992 with original plate Chassis No. 818.140, in excellent condition Engine block No. 818.140 and original gearbox Engine totally revised by the well-known UniversityMotor workshop, Genoa. Original Solex carburetors The four cream colored steel wheels, the original seats and the original Lancia wooden steering wheel are also supplied. Preparation of the car for regularity races CSAI Fische - Racing Close gear ratios 7/41 four…
    ID: 286377 | 28/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • Vespa 90 SS


    Vespa 90 SS from 1970 (produced in only 5309 copies), Peacock Blue color, totally restored in the bodywork and in the engine by expert technicians, accompanied by photographic documentation of the restoration. The certificate issued by the Piaggio Historical Register is present, certifying the originality of the vehicle. Displacement of 88.5 cm³, power 6 hp at 6000 rpm, speed just above 90Km / h, suspension with helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber on both wheels, and drum brakes. For all the SS the chassis code…
    ID: 286331 | 27/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • Citroen 11 BL Registered year 1953. Completely restored. Perfect body. Perfect interiors. French plates and documents. 4-cylinder in-line engine of 1911cm³ Power 55 hp Maximum speed about 120 km / h
    ID: 286339 | 27/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • The car proposed here is an important FIAT 510 TORPEDO produced in 1923, and until 1929 used on several occasions by Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoy, King of Italy from 1900 to 1946. Photographs of the time (provided by the Fiat Historical Register) testify to the King of Italy aboard this Fiat 510 Torpedo during his visit to the new FIAT Automobili workshops at the Lingotto (Turin), on 22 May 1923. On board the car in addition to his majesty Vittorio Emanuele III, there were General Diaz (Minister of War), and Commendatore…
    ID: 286335 | 27/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • This ivory colored Rumi Formichino Turismo from the second half of 1950, has been totally restored in the bodywork and is delivered with a completely restored engine. Vehicle without documents, we may deliver it with registration included in the sale price. Frame number 24824 and original engine R4401, original A.ROLLE MILANO odometer with 100KM / h scale, single-body carburetor with special hemispherical filter. 2-stroke two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 124.68 cm3, 6.5 hp and pedal start. 4-speed pedal…
    ID: 286316 | 26/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova
  • 50 special frame reinforced with laser-cut steel plates and Tig welds. SIP digital instrumentation. PX fork. Disc brake. Radial brake caliper made CNC. Rims in aluminum alloy. Suspension made by Carbone, with separate gas tank made of billet aluminum. Spring preload adjustment and hydraulic compression and extension adjustment. Levers made from solid ergal, Pro-Tec brake pump. Side shells with modified opening. BSG Corse engine, CNC machined from solid. Displacement 209 cc. Power measured at the…
    ID: 286320 | 26/03/2019 | Claudio Rating: 5 | Genova