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  • 996 upset first serious mod 2001 of 12-2000 Only 64000 km Book coupons 2010 last official service to 52000 km, cutting complete and I change circuit brakes, to 59000 of 2013 not official, everything documented. Blue pencils with inside blue, marvelous sporting seats with blue hull, navigator, telephone, xenon eccccc Excellent body shop Perfect mechanics Of sure revaluation....... Claudio xxxxx
    ID: 217601 | 28/06/2015 | Claudio Rating: 0
  • Stupendous 4s, the most beautiful 911 usual...... I silver black total skin, openable roof, navigator, seats Elett, risc, with memories, and so much other....... Body shop without a scratch, perfect.... Rubbers new Michelin Book coupons complete with last service to 02-2015 to 113000km It now has 115000km Made state of use in Porsche of times service and fuorigiri, all ok..... Really to place, not to absolutely do anything..... Interesting price x the state of use..... Claudio xxxxx
    ID: 217599 | 28/06/2015 | Claudio Rating: 0
  • Only in his/her kind.Before varnish all, therefore inurtata, tried with spessimetro. Positive test of the fuorigiris and times of job performed in C.porschecon relative proving document.Perfect, grey slate color on champion, (slate grey) skin tot terracotta, inserts aluminum and Pak carbon wide dashboard, handed, central tunnel and fascione battitacco with illuminated writing, hull electric seats adapted you, riscald, with memories, pcm, pasm, flying multifunzione, sport crono, change to run redoubt, unloadings sporting sound,…
    ID: 211657 | 01/03/2015 | Claudio Rating: 0
  • I sell fabulous carrera 2 cabrios 964 of the 1992 white, automatic change, sequential, original color, rare and circle, totally original, of American origin, imported in 2009 by collector. Km 160000, blue hood, inside skin total blue cobalt, glasses elettr, hood elettr, seats Elett, computer of edge, Cruise control, seats comfort, conditioned air, abs, double airbag, etc Varnish very to place, inside perfect, all to place...... Book coupons compiled, and last cutting official just fact, The auto volutamente been original in everything,…
    ID: 211656 | 01/03/2015 | Claudio Rating: 0
  • As from in demand card in porsche loom, color, motor and change it coincides...... Body shop totally seen again Inside perfect without defects Mechanics magazine, friction, rack, xxxxx to place Regulation glass-canopy-counters ok Rubbers ok. Claudio xxxxx
    ID: 219010 | 02/08/2015 | Claudio Rating: 0