One Point/Turbo - Coupè T. - Clio Williams/MEGANE (advert expired)

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X One T. I.E. 1° series

Original Components:

1 complete engine with turbo and controllers
1 xxxxx in fair condition
1 header orig. Spare
various parts of internal/bodywork
4 original circles, rubberised 175/60-13

In block to Euro 1.500

components x changes:

1 exhaust manifold inconel fringing T25 x engines one/point 1.3 â€" 1.4
1 shaft cammes to new steel x engines one/point 1.3 â€" 1.4
1 Pulley recordable ergal new x Fiat engines 1.3 â€" 1.5 tooth square section

in block to Euro 800

X One Point GT:

1 COMPLETE ENGINE working with turbo Garrett T2ù
1 Transmission
1 Intercooler orig.
1 dashboard orig.

In block to Euro 800

X Fiat Coupè Turbo 2.0 16v:

1 Turbine Garrett T25 New interchangeable all’original, 260 hp but especially a sturdy torque at low speeds, in contrast to the original component!
1 complete change of Viscodrive
1 Cylinder Head With Valves and conduits modified multiple group intake plenum

in block to Euro 1.500

X Clio Williams /1.8 16v â€" Megane 2.0:

Kit sucked
1 bare head from change
1 series 16 Valves oversize nimonic monolithic and
1 Pair Cammes Axis steel new with max profile x hydraulic tappets

in block to Euro 1.000
Motor Group x Clio Turbo
Engine 1.8 16v turbo transformed complete multiple currency (friz. sintered) multiple controllers and harnesses more tt components x â€oetrapianto”
everything new, few Km. 250 hp and 37 Km. of torque, the car proved to his time on the review process.

In block to Euro 3,500
KIT x transformation Clio/Megane Turbo 2.0

4 pistons printed new, worked in drawing, Compression 8.4:1 Bore Engine Williams orig.
1 manifold casting new fringing Garrett T£
1 Turbine Garrett T3 AR 48 used

in block to Euro 1.500

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