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Hi and well found among the impassioned ones of Lance Flavia, the CD on the Lance Flavia is l&grave;intero site < b > < /b > without limitations, or rather with all the documents visionabili.

Everything is consultabile and printable off-line.
On the CD every access is very fast and you/they must not be born it attended (and the costs) her consequential from the Internet connection.

All the articles are complete and the quality of the documents is excellent.

Mainly in the CD they are present the manuals of Use and Maintenance and the technical documents that will allow the knowledge deepened of the car and the search of specific exchanges or the reconstruction of the same.

In second floor but not less interesting, you/he/she is included in the CD a myriad of documentation it specifies on the various models of the Flavia, articles of authoritative magazines that bring the presentations, the tests on road, the impressions of guide.

But there is still other!
I detail the all following, after all you will find the information to receive the CD.

Books and Manuals

Book Use and Maintenance
original book in digital format of the version Derision, of the variation for version Coupe, Convertible and Sport;

Manual Exchanges
all the sketches with title present in the site, I divided for matters;

Manual for the Reparations
manual l&grave;intero of the version Derision, Coupe, Convertible, Sport;

All the complete articles dell&grave;epoca with the following titles:

The debut of the Flavia Berlina
Flavia: Impressions of guide 40.000 kilometers with a fallen Flavia
The idea of the Flavia coupe
It tries on Road Flavia coupe 1500
It tries on Road Flavia coupe 1800 carburetors
It tries on Road Flavia coupe 1800 injection
It tries on Road it Launches 2000
Five Marches for the Lance 2000 Coupes
It tries on Road it Launches 2000 the.and.

Serial numbers
Serial numbers of all the Flavias
The serial numbers of the various versions of Lance Flavia

I file Historical Auto
I file Italian Auto of epoch
One indeed only harvest of the whole principal autos of epoch in cards bringing the characteristics and photo.

Italian Auto houses
The history of the following Italian auto houses, from the birth to today:

Alpha Romeo

Other Sites on the Flavia
Link Interessanti
Harvest of Link that you/they speak of the Flavia and of the Lance.

Gallery Photo
The Photo of the month
The Photos of all Flavias
More than 100 photos of all the models Flavia in every detail

The Photos of various Autos of epoch
More than 100 photos of other autos d&grave;epoca

Specialized magazines
All the color complete articles with the following titles:

Flavia launches: Evolution of the Models
Flavia launches: The Great Derisions
Birth and evolution of a kind
The Flavia coupe 1800 prepared by rally
The most beautiful Flavia: Flavia HF
Flavia coupe and convertible to comparison
Of well in better: All the Flavias
Flavia coupe: Class to be sold
Big Tourism: It launches Flavia and Lance Aprilia
Lance Flavia Prototype Zagato
Lance Flavia Sport Zagato 1.5 and 1.8
MotorKlassik: Lance Flavia Sport
Style and Substance
Auto Motor: Flavia Coupé test

The Styles: the Body shop
The models had built since 1953 to the 2001: Color Brochure in formed PDF for every model with all the technical characteristics (more than 50 models)

All the models it Launches realized: Appia, Aprilia, Aurelia, Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia.

All the models costruti from 1919 to today

Other models...
You articulate on other models of auto:

It tries on Road Lancia Rally
It tries on Road S4 Stradale it Launches
It challenges Historical Montecarlo: It launches Fulvia and Flavia

If the CD orders, you/he/she can have him/it in the complete version to alone 34 European + 6 European for postal consignment.

The payment can happen in these ways:


• Cash:

• I Banking or Postal:

• PostePay reloads:

The picked material doesn't even have prices comparable to this figure, only the manual of the reparations (if it is found), coast 155 European, the manual parts of exchange coast around 105 European, etc.

I am not a seller but an impassioned of the Lance Flavia, therefore I don't sell the CD to have earningses, but only because others impassioned have these rare and expensive documents.

On the CD you/he/she can find indeed all the information that it desires on the Flavia and not only.

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