Giannini Ci nquecento Topline Europa 899

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Advert ID260706
Date of entry
ColourBordeaux metallic
Engine size899
Year of first registration1998
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 1999
Power39HP 28.684461KW
Euro classEuro2
Number of gears5
Passenger capacity5
Number of doors3
Type of vehicleCar
Number of previous owners2


Giannini Automobiles S.p.To. à ¨ one Italian auto house, founded in 1920 by his/her/their brothers Attilio and Domenico Giannini. It still has center to Rome and à ¨ one of the rare firms in attività.
The cars elaborated by Giannini have characterized in the years '60, '70 and also '80, the competitions reserved to the elaborate cars. In the years '60 were characteristic the rivalità of the so many version elaborated of the 500 Giannini with the cars Abarth.
After the second metà of the years?80 were taken the decision of to abandon completely the elaboration and to pass in the sector of the body shop; they departed therefore the new personalizations of the Look of different cars as the One, the Type and the Panda. The changes concerned mainly the tapestries, sellerie, accessories, but also the paintings, bumper and ailerons.
Of these changes it makes the Giannini Cinquecento hundred it also departs that we have discovery. The car à 1998 ¨ and à ¨ a version sportiveggiante and with some finishes of luxury of the Five hundred of the years?90.
This Five hundred version Topline Europa 899 (from the capacity of the Motor) può to be defined one ?fuoriserie of series?.
Its characteristics are unique indeed: elegant, comforting, spacious but always sure and economic nell?use. The qualità of components and used materials and the completeness of the endowment (for l?epoch) of series, do they realize the exclusive ones?plus? Giannini and they insert the Five hundred TL Europe in the top of the important city-cars and sure historical interest. dyes her Red metallizzata KERMES Perlato, the elegant ones you look for in light league with reduced wide tires Do 165/55R13, complete all?I express a projected cabin to offer the maximum confort. You endowment à ¨ completed by plant radio with autoradio, protected by special bridge. You guide of this Giannini Cinquecento hundred à extremely comforting ¨, the estate street without uncertainties and the great silenziosità of march, him they accompany to the inside space that Giannini has planned with selleria in skin and velvet, finished up to hand, anterior central arm, window winder voters with centralized closing and police squad dressed again in skin. Car with plates and original documents, inclusive book use and maintenance, Guarantee and double keys, the car it has 60.000 original Km, documented minutely from a diary personalized realized by the owner. This particular Giannini Five hundred à ¨ tagliandata and prepared with care from our studio and without nothing to want to remove from pià ¹ noble cars à ¨ a collection sample, rare and that it expresses that?pleasure to possess a special car?.

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