Camper pu ro and of epoch on Fiat Dukedom 2.5D

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Advert ID272969
Date of entry
Engine size2500
Year of first registration1983
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 1999
BodyCamper van
Power72HP 52.955928KW
Euro classEuro0
Number of gears5
Passenger capacity4
Type of vehicleCamper van
Number of previous owners3


is. of 1983, is small ¨, compact, confirmed special use / residence 4 places to book but is ¨ obviously piis ¹ suitable for a couple & quot;agile" (it has the matrimonial bed basculante).

It has the side access with doors to book (rare), a bath in tail with locker, wc to disappearance and sink with doccetta estraibile. The cassette of recovery black waters you/he/she must be referred, perchis © the precedent owner has him removed for putting the hook drawing (confirmed 1.500 kilos), or it goes modified the mobiletto for it stuffed to be a portable chemical wc.

There is ¨ the sink with to side two gases stoves and, under, a small refrigerator with feeding to 12Vcc, that it needs a recharge gas.
There is ¨ also a small heater to gas.
To the outside, protected by a sportellino, there is ¨ the thorn from 16A for to be connected to a source of tension to 220Vca: I don't have the cable, but the attack is standard (similar to the Schuko) ¨.

The battery must be changed services and there is no solar panels nis © inverter: on the roof there is ¨ a carrier (he arrives with a strong scaletta in I steel inox) and the rest is ¨ I free and entire.
To the back counters the overturnable portabiciclettes have fixed.

Mechanically is ¨ all to place: the camper departs in all the seasons, it travels silent and it brakes well. The preceding owner (according to - me they are the third one) it was a mechanic with shop and you/he/she has always held him in order, for the winds years that you/he/she has had him: together with his/her/their cousin carrozziere has referred very of the body shop, inclusive then the painting. She remains "pecca" of the drips, where every year is formed some rust and there they are to make some resumptions: nothing of what, for a 35 year-old vehicle ago.

The camper doesn't have servosterzo: difficulty to find him/it on this mean of that years but the mean not is heavy ¨, even if not is ¨ I adapt for whom has problems to braccia or shoulders.
And it doesn't have boiler, perchis © has never had him.
In remuneration it has the lighthouses to the xenon and the inside lights to LED.

We had purchased him/it to us to do a kind of mobile office of it: her quilted tapestry of the insides is excellent ¨ and ago a figurone and we had also purchased the seats of one 500L of today, to replace those existing.
Then, peris², has not had piis ¹ the time to do him/it and we has begun to possession need of a van piis great ¹ for our job: cosis ¬, since we are not collectors of automezzi, we have decided to surrender him/it.

We eventually withdraw in barter a van type Fiat Dukedom (and similar Citrois "n and Peugeot), Renault Trafic, Ford Transit, to short footstep or Hyundai H1, Mercedes Vito, Fiat Shield to long footstep, of maximum value equal to 2.500 European: you keep in mind that the passage of proprietis  some camper costs very less than that of a van (on the 250-270 European), not there is ¨ I stamp from Pay and the insurance costs not piis European ¹ of 300 / year!

For any information we are here.

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