Bentley Tu rbo R 1992, Georgian Silver, skin Black

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Date of entry
ColourSilver metallic
Engine size6750
Year of first registration1992
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 1999
Power330HP 242.71467KW
Euro classEuro1
Number of gears4
Passenger capacity5
Number of doors4
Type of vehicleCar
Number of previous owners1


Bentley Upset R 1992, Georgian Silver (C/B) 9531017, black skin FG/PAC3726.
Very important premise: the Bentley Upset R and' an automobile of altissima   quality', very strong and reliable. Many, not conoscedolas, think that I/you/he/she suffer from the usual problems of the auto English. Instead no, absolutely no! The Bentleys Upset R don't have anything to whether to see with the Jaguar and others. I am built English aito to hand with the attention typical of the Mercedes & quot;vecchia scuola" for the details and the engineering but very more' refined and finished up very better.
Done principal:
- Never incidentata
- 46.800 real km
- Preserved under exceptional conditions, totally original
- I am the second owner
- Origin and history perfectly documented, I Upset her/it R and' remained ownership' of the same family actually to my purchase. Sold new and always is admitted in Italy.
- Maintained without minding expenses, services done in Bentley - Service Book stamped and invoices -
- Used with care and attention
- All works to duty, the auto doesn't need some intervention
- The correct pneumatic Avon Turbospeed 255/65 VR15s have crossed around 4.500 km from when I/you/they have been changed in July 2014.
- The Certificate of original Guarantee and' present
- All the original keys - 4 + 3 for the look for - they are present
- All the books and original manuals in their custody Bentley in skin original, the atrezzis, the car jack, the spare wheel and the gloves are present
- Original plates of before registration
- Enrolled ASI (CRS) and FIVA.
Chronology of the services of maintenance:
- 22/07/1992 to 6.000 km
- 29/10/1993 to 9.530 km
- 24/10/1994 to 14.824 km
- 21/12/1995 to 20.000 km
- 12/03/1997 to 23.103 km
- 24/02/2004 to 37.195 km
- 21/01/2006 to 38,210 km
- 23/02/2012 to 40.982 km
- 17/07/2014 to 42.391 km
- 28/02/2017 to 43,520 km
- 03/07/2017 to 45.358 km
The last big service of maintenance and' is done in February 2017 to the Bentley in Milan - the invoice and' present.
The back dampers have been changed in July 2017 in how much that of right had a small loss. In the same occasion they have been you replace the spheres (the accumulators) that owe to be replaced however every ten years.
The job and' is effected to the Bentley in Milan - the invoice and` present -.
No there are miracles: only the samples used with care and maintained regularly to rule of art you/they can cross 26 years and to arrive to today in such exceptional conditions of maintenance and operation.

This Bentley Upset R and' delivers new March 27 th 1992 from her Achilli Motors in Milan - to the epoch the importer for Italy of Bentley and Rolls-Royce and one of the more' important European operators in the sector of the sporting auto and of great prestige - and admitted in the name of a well note Milanese firm.
I Upset her R you/he/she was exclusively used coma auto of representation and driven from the personal driver of the President Managing director. After her disparizione of this subsequently to a long illness, the auto was headed to the widow and subsequently to a society' belonging to the husband of the daughter.
The auto and' is few but regularly used to maintain her/it in perfect efficiency. The widow held a lot us as memory of his/her/their husband and was very careful to everything how much pertaining to I Upset her/it R.

The Model - Brief History
All the Bentleys Upset R really beginning from the MY 1992 have been you equip with the new automatic change to 4 speeds' GM 4L80-and with management to choice among & quot;normale", & quot;sport" and "manuale". This new change together with some changes of improvement to the loom and suspensions with the introduction of the system Active Suspensions laughs you/they have really made of the Turbo R an automobile of elevated dynamic performances, amusing to drive in spite of his/her dimensions notable and of his/her respectable weight. Nothing to do with the softness and the idleness of the Rolls-Royces.
I Upset her R and' justly considered the first True Bentley of the era
modern, the model that actually has rivitalizzato the Brand to then remained in the shade of Rolls-Royce, owner of Bentley.
With I Upset her/it R Bentley you/he/she has acquired an identity' strong, a proper strong personality.' I Upset her R and' a Bentley and not more' a Rolls-Royce with the I brand Bentley. This has allowed Bentley to conquer a new clientele that the automobiles Rolls-Royce could not satisfy totally.
Some data help to understand this exceptional Automobile:    
- Length 5,268 ms.
- Width 2,008 ms.
- Height 1,485 ms.
- Footstep 3,061 ms.
- Weight 2.485 kg in order of march.
The Bentley Upset R and' equipped with the legendary 8 cylinders to V 6,75 cc. Seen again Rolls-Royce e   king-engineered from Bentley. This motor and` fed with the injection Bosch K Motronic and supercharged by a big turbocompressore Garrett AiResearch type T04B with Intercooler.
Contrarily to how much he believes Bentley, as from tradition, it never has declared officially the real power and couple of this motor, esteems respectively to at least 330 CVs et 600 NM.
Here following the measured performances are illustrated on road of the I Upset R. It deals with the middle ponderatadelle measures effected by the more` important specialized magazines in the world.
Speed' motto: 225 km / h
400 lock ms: 15,3 ses.
1 lock km: 28,1 ses.
0 - 100 km / h: 7,5 ses.
0 - 120 km / h: 10,6 ses.
0 - 140 km / h: 14,1 ses.
0 - 160 km / h: 19,2 ses.
0 - 180 km / h: 25,9 ses.
0 - 200 km / h: 39,6 ses.

40 - 100 km / h with KD: 4,9 ses.
40 - 140 km / h mines: 10,1 ses.
80 - 120 km / h: 4,6 ses.
80 -180 km / h mines: 18 ses.
They are equivalent performances to those of Mercedes 560 SELs W126, 500 If W140 and BMW 750 the. But a great difference exists: these weigh in the order 600, 250 ets 500 kg respectively. This makes to understand that the data of power and couple real they are certainly superior to the respects that speak at least of 330 CV and 600 NM. &nbsps;

I Upset her R and' the more model' important, what has had the greatest commercial success in the era Rolls-Royce. And' what has restored her/it glorious tradition proper of Bentley, already transforming her/it' good Mulsanne I really upset in an automobile of tall performances with a behavior on road serious, dynamic and very pleasant. The street estate and' really exceptional - of however the R means really Road Holding -.
The famous newspaper USA Motor Trend defined' I Upset her/it R as & quot;la before Bentley in decades that it deserves his/her name famoso" after the test on road effected in 1989 (and it still concerned the model with the old one I change automatic to three relationships and without the loom improvements and suspensions.
I Upset her R and' had remained in production since 1985 to 1998 in the versions to footstep short and long. The best model and' is probably prorio the MY 1992/1993 in how much you/he/she has represented the correct equilibrium among her & quot;old school" and & quot;piu' modernity' & quot;. It possessed all him equipments and technical and technological improvements maintaining the look traditional - for instance the command of the change with the classical lever on her right behind the steering wheel, the beautiful motor not encapsulated, etc -.

This Turbo R
This Turbo R and' a MY 1992, have therefore the new and good automatic change to 4 relationships with three programs of management - & quot;normale", "sport" and & quot;manuale", the new suspension Active Ride Suspension, the new redrawn dashboard and improved, the steering wheel with incorporated airbag and still the command of the traditional change and the motor not encapsulated.
When he enters this Automobile it is immediately understood that him and' in a & quot;altro I husk automobilistico": the fragrant and perfumed skin and` everywhere included the sky the precious and magnificent woods that you/they elegantly decorate and with great wealth, the magnificent commands in steel chromed shiny, him round tools & quot;Old School", the voluptuous and thick sopratappetis in the best Scottish Lamswool - a warm invitation to consider that the shoes they are useless here... -.
And then finally, that relief: the plastics and' rare, it needs to look for her/it to find her/it. The natural materials are like her/it masters - and' well other thing in comparison to the actual standards where plastics and synthetic materials reign -.
A world apart I have said? Refinement and Elegance, immense quality' of the material and great beauty. This and' the Bentley Upset R. The more' luxurious contemporary automobile doesn't even succeed in approaching I Upset her/it R that was built totally to hand in a period in which the quality' real and her preciousness' some materials were very more' important of whatever type of electronic gadget.
The generation of Bentley which belongs I Upset her/it R and' is the last totally built to hand according to the good English traditional school. It deals with the last authentic Bentley.
The Bentley's generation to whom the Turbo R belongs has been the last totally manufactured by hands according to the best traditional English school. It is the last authentic Bentley.
When the key of lighting is operated - positioned to the left of the police squad as on the Porsche 911 - the mighty 8 cylinders him alarm clock immediately. The sonority' and' mighty note, deep, calm, as far. It arouses respect the strength of the powerful persons: not you and' it requires' of to shout for making to be understood. I Upset her R without this motor it would not be I Upset her/it R!
What an Automobile! And' very more' how beautiful, and' an elegant automobile that it possesses an enormous charme.

This Turbo R and' equipped as it follows:
- Electric glasses
- Air conditioned bi-zone
- Automatic climatization
- Seats anterior voters with memories (the position of the seat of guide it also memorizes that some external retrovisoris)
- Heated anterior seats with reglaggio of the lumbar support electric
- Retrovisori expresses electric with memories connected to the position of the seat of guide
- Retrovisori expresses heated
- You intern in total skin, included the sky
- Sound system with radio-CD Blaupunkt Lausanne
- Back headrest
- Sovratappeti in wool carpet lambswool to the anterior places and back
- Automatic Canbio to 4 relationships and 3 formalities' of management (normal, sport, manual)
- Cruise control
- Centralized closing
- Opening from the cabin of the reservoir fuel
- I check level oil from the cabin
- Mirrors of courtesy illuminated to the anterior and back places
- Lights of reading
- Light of reading for the pilot
- Lavafari
- Thermometer external temperature
- Antifurto with alarm
- Safety closing for children


This Bentley Upset R and' preserved under exceptional conditions.
The price and' consistent with this fact even if undoubtedly ridiculous in comparison to the quality' of such an Automobile.
Only serious people and really motivated. I prefer experts of Bentley, of the Turbo R and of his/her history.
Curious and hunters of price the Bentley Upset R not and' for you. This exemplary still less.
You kindly avoid to make me waste time, you will also avoid to lose the your. Thanks.
I don't answer to sms of it' to e-mail unprovided of name, last name and number of telephone.

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