A rare and prestigious Italian automobile, 1924

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Advert ID269963
Date of entry
Year of first registration1924
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 1999
Euro classEuro0
Number of gears0
Type of vehicleCar
Number of previous owners0


A prestigious Isotta-Fraschini Type 8, year 1924, carrozzata (the brand only sold autotelai, that you/they were dressed then by the piiss great ¹ carrozzieri) in USA from LeBaron of New York.

Stupendous model torpedo, modified never. An old restauration, still under good conditions. A history known, with few owners (all in USA, where l autotelaio came sent from new). Motor and mechanics recently referred.

This exceptional automobile is ¨ still in USA, ready to be visited and tried. Possibilitis  of importation with 5% of customs customs / IVA. The transport in Italy is realizable ¨ with an expense of around 3.000 European.

They beg the seriously interested people not all purchase to not to answer to the insertion.

Advertiser's name: Alvise Rating: 5