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Proposta: vendo
Categoria: dal 1994 ad oggi
Sotto Categoria: auto
Marca: de dion bouton
Modello: id
Chilometri: 0
Colore: 8
Anno prima immatricolazione: 0
Cilindrata: 4
Alimentazione: B


Anno fabbricazione: 1922

Chilometraggio: 0

Potenza: 0

Trasmissione: post

Num. marce: 4

Num. posti: 0

Num. porte: 0

Num. proprietari precedenti: 0

Carrozzeria: 2

Direttiva Euro: 0




De Dion Bouton ID ID series began in 1919 and ended around 1923. It is a good sized 10 hp 4-cylinder engine with a blind side valve. The equipment is complete with electric lights, dynamo and starter. The wheels are removable wheels Michelin 760X90. The rate of Dion was higher than cars great series. The bodies were classic and elegant, the brand reputation attracted middle-class families, notaries, doctors, etc ... Our De Dion Bouton torpedo is one of the famous 10 hp 20s&#XXX;. In 1983, is an amateur Garenne-Colombes who purchased the car, which was still a ruin. This De Dion Bouton was actually a wreck but it was full and authentic. Elegant and well proportioned, this classic roadster factory deserved a beautiful restoration. Our amateur, neighbor and friend, Dr. X, is the kind that boosted wants everything to be finished before it started. But with De Dion Bouton he had to take his time to make a high quality restoration. He had his first experience with restoration very rare cyclecar Alcyon-Sima Violet in 1981. The latter is also still beautiful, quality restorations have a hard life. Regarding the de Dion Bouton, a total dismantling absolutely was made and a restoration from the frame depth was started. Everything has been redone, revised or reconstructed according to its origin. Electricity in cotton thread, nickel plated parts, bearings, pins, springs, all mechanical, engine, gearbox, including a bridge bevel nine, brakes ... nothing was left to chance or forgotten. Even the original wheels were retained despite the price of tires heels at the time. The upholstery is a high quality leather carpets and hood have been redone by Antoine, who worked for the saddle Body Lecoq. Extremely consistent, one sprain was made some time after the end of the restoration, replacement of the front axle without brake axle braked to improve safety and braking, this improvement could be made at the time. Brand new, the car was used regularly for driving and for rally. Very reliable, there is no problem running, and even I remember that towards 1986/1987 we took a long walk from Paris to Normandy by road to visit the museum of Bec Hellouin in the presence of Madame Colette Chassaing de Borredon. One story that struck me was when returning from a rally night we broke down in a motorway with a Citroën DS that pulled the trailer with Dion. We unloaded the De Dion, pulled the team to leave the motorway and after up everything on the side of the road, we came back with Dion for the last 30 miles! It transportamême the great historian of the Automobile Jacques Rousseau, a friend of Lucien Loreille the time one or two laps during a demonstration at Pont Authou (27). Maintained, cherished, adored, our friend the Doctor will separate from his De Dion ID in 1991 to acquire another project but De Dion oldest one 8hp 1903. Each of the owners has had nothing but praise the qualities of this car. It is amazing to see that almost thirty years after its restoration, the De Dion ID is still beautiful. The next owner will also enjoy this wonderful and elegant car. It is, for me, a very important car

Id annuncio: 179437

Numero Visite: 349


Marca Modello Cilindrata Anno Prezzo (EUR)
ABARTH 1000 BERLINA 982 1962-67 20000
ABARTH 1000 BERLINA CORSA 982 1965-67 25000
ABARTH 1000 RADIALE BERLINA 982 1966-67 32000
ABARTH 1300 BERLINETTA SIMCA 1280 1962-64 65000
ABARTH 2000 BERLINETTA SIMCA 1946 1963-64 100000
ABARTH 2200 CABRIOLET ALLEMANO 2160 1959-60 20000
ABARTH 2200 COUPE 2+2 ALLEMANO 2160 1959-60 18000
ABARTH 2400 COUPE ALLEMANO 2323 1963-65 20000
ABARTH 2400 COUPE ELLENA 2323 1961-63 18000
ABARTH 500 BERLINA 479 1957-63 13000
ABARTH 500 COUPE ZAGATO 479 1957-59 22000
ABARTH 595 594 1963-71 14000
ABARTH 595 SS 594 1964-71 16000
ABARTH 695 690 1964-71 18000


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Rif: annuncio n. 179437


Rif: annuncio n. 179437