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BMW 3.0 CS E9

Annuncio Cancellato dall'utente (04-02-2016 17:53)

Inserito il 26-10-2015
45.000 €
Proposta: vendo
Categoria: 1800-1993
Sotto Categoria: auto
Marca: bmw
Modello: 3.0 cs
Chilometri: 146855
Colore: argento
Metallizzato: Si
Anno prima immatricolazione: 1972
Cilindrata: 2986
Alimentazione: benzina


Anno fabbricazione: 1972

Chilometraggio: 146855

Potenza: 180

Trasmissione: posteriore

Num. marce: 5

Num. posti: 4

Num. porte: 2

Num. proprietari precedenti: 1

Carrozzeria: coupe

Direttiva Euro: 0




(per l&#XXX;italiano chiamatemi, scrivo solo in inglese). This is an AMAZING 1972 Bmw 3.0 CS (carburetted), E9 series. An astonishing combination of silver metallic esterior with navy blue velvet interior. Registered for the first time in 1972 in Luanda, Angola, where it belonged to a Government representative, it has been moved to Porto, in Portugal just before the revolution for independency from Portugal. This car has been rebuild completely by the first owner with a restoration process started in 2007 and ended in 2XXX. The mileage of the car is 146.855 Km (shown on the dash 46855, no third digit) and is TOTAL since 1973, since rebuild and restoration the car has been driven for approximately 8000 Km. The shell has been stripped down to bare metal. All the suspension, engine, transmission, brakes, interior have been removed and restored or rebuild. Superb engine delivering tons of torque at all revs. Excellent startup with smooth and fluid driving. No overheating. No grinding gearbox. Rebuild brake calipers and new brake pads. Beautiful and brand new interior in navy-blue velvet, good wood trims, good dashboard, new roof lining with original perforated vinyl, new sunvisors, new rear panel, original radio perfectly working. A very clean trunk shows an original and complete tools set and original fifth alloy wheel as spare tire. Clean and tidy engine bay, no dirt around and no leaks, new original labels have been fitted for an extra clean look. Good paint job. Original alloy wheels sand blasted and repainted with brand new tires. Downsides: Some imperfection of clear coat under side aluminium trims. Gear lever has excessive play, a plastic bush has to be replaced on the leverage. Steering wheel is not original, it?s an original aftermarket option of that era from Britannia, the OE is not available, some damages on the upper section because of the african sun. Three cracks on the upper part of the dashboard on the left side, approx 5cm in lenght each. The windscreen is slightly scratched on the left side. Over 30 pictures of the car under restoration are available. Over 250 pictures of the car at its actual condition are available, just ask me and I will send them. The price has to be considered FIXED, no negotiation possible. Car is located in Modena, Italy. 12Km away from Maranello and Ferrari factory. 40Km from closest airport, Bologna, from/to are available cheap fligths from all over Europe with Ryanair as well as other low cost companies.

Id annuncio: 223550

Numero Visite: 376


Marca Modello Cilindrata Anno Prezzo (EUR)
ALPINA-BMW B10 3.0 TD BERLINA - TOURING 2926 2000-01 8000
ALPINA-BMW B3 3.3 BERLINA - TOURING 3300 2000-01 6000
ALPINA-BMW B3 3.3 CABRIOLET 3300 2001 10000
ALPINA-BMW B3 3.3 COUPE 3300 2000-01 7500
ALPINA-BMW D10 3.0 TD BERLINA - TOURING 2926 2001 6000
BMW 1500 1499 1961-64 3000
BMW 1502 1673 1974-77 2000
BMW 1600 1606 1964-66 3000
BMW 1600 - 1602 - 1802 1573-1766 1966-75 3000
BMW 1600 CABRIOLET 1573 1967-71 7000
BMW 1600 TI 1573 1967-68 5000
BMW 1600-1800 TOURING 1573-1766 1971-74 3000
BMW 1800 1773 1963-68 3000
BMW 1800 TI 1773 1964-66 3500
BMW 1800 TI - SA 1773 1964-65 15000


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BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9 BMW 3.0 CS E9
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Rif: annuncio n. 223550


Rif: annuncio n. 223550