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Vendo Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750 osso di seppia modello Europeo. Dal 2XXX ad oggi spesi piu di 7000 euro in manutenzione. Pronta per la verniciatura. For sale an original European LHD Duetto 1750 in the (original) color blue also known as the boat tail or long tail spider. Build in April 1969 and sold new in the same month to Alfa Romeo Frankfurt in Germany. The 1750 boat tail is the most desirable version of the osso di seppia duetto models, as it comes with the best 105 series production engine ever made: the 1750 engine with type code 00548. Its technique is very advanced to a car of that specific era, the engine is very powerful and will without any doubt guarantee more satisfaction and fun than the 1300 or the 1600 duetto boat tails. The car drives and runs very well. The gearbox has been overhauled and shifts very smoothly with excellent syncromesh, even when cold. The rear axle and suspension are very quiet and confidence-inspiring. A lot of parts have been replaced in the past four years by a well known Dutch Alfa Romeo specialist. The invoices sum up an amount of over 7.000 euros that have been spend from 2XXX till today. It still has a valid MOT and can be driven easily for long distances. The body is very solid and straight, all alignments are correct. There is absolutely no rust, every single spot has been examined and repaired if necessary. Both sills, both rear wings, both front wings and both rear wheel arches have been replaced. The floor has been completely examined and repaired in order to make it solid. Recent works include: new soft top new tunnel carpet new air filter new water pump carburetors overhauled new brake servo 4 new Koni shock absorbers new spring pans 4 new springs new track rod ends (all of them) new anti roll bar new anti roll bar rubbers 4 new disc brakes 2 new rear axle bump stops new suspension rebound strap new heater motor new brake pads new handbrake system new handbrake cable new calipers new hoses brakes / clutch / fuel overhauled gearbox new clutch slave cylinder new clutch master cylinder new clutch master cylinder cover new clutch kit steer ball covers replaced complete exhaust system new fuel tank new fuel tank sender new lead set new battery new sills new front wings (repair panels) new rear wings (repair panels) new rear wheel arches The interior looks good. The seats are re-upholstered, this has been done very well, the shape of both seats is correct and look just like the original upholstery. The sky leather that has been used is from high quality. The door panels are in very good condition and have never been restored. The car needs only a paint job, the welding marks are still there and there is no filler on the welded spots. Due to the lack of filler it?s exactly possible to see how solid the car is. This way the car is being presented «honestly», in order that it?s possible to see in what actual condition the car is without a mixed masquerade of shining filler and paint. This car is not the average red or white Duetto on the market costing more than thirty thousand euros, which can give you a lot of bad surprises afterwards. Let alone an original 1750 matching numbers car in blue (original color) that is a 100% rust free with lots of new spare parts and ready to drive. The car has always been very well maintained and it?s an extremely perfect base to make it a concours winner without having any doubt what?s being underneath the paint. As mentioned before all alignments are correct, and there is absolutely no rust. Ready to be enjoyed, as a solid investment. For further information please contact me by mail or phone. The car is located in The Netherlands, very easy to reach. There are three airports nearby. 0XXX626892004 We speak: English, Italian, Dutch, French, German and Spanish

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Rif: annuncio n. 207980